How Shang-Chi's Simu Liu Reacted To Kim's Convenience Cancellation News

Simu Liu smiles while sitting at his desk in Kim's Convenience

Simu Liu is soon poised to break even further into the pop culture consciousness with his lead role in Marvel’s Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. But before he landed that superhero gig, Liu has been making an impression for years on the hit CBC sitcom/Netflix import Kim’s Convenience – a series that’s just been given the axe after it was renewed for two more seasons last year. It’s a situation that has left Simu Liu with a lot of thoughts, which he has recently shared to the world. And it’s pretty heartbreaking.

Taking to Twitter after the cancellation announcement from the official Kim’s Convenience social media feed, Simu Liu shared not only his disappointment with Season 5 now acting as a series finale, but also his plans for what he hoped to do in Season 6. Those latter thoughts in particular are where the heartbreak comes in, as Liu was ready to go all in on what was supposed to be the future of this Canadian comedy hit. Shared below are what Simu Liu thinks about this whole situation:

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From what it sounds like in Simu Liu’s rundown of what has happened, Kim’s Convenience would have ended with Season 6, as he mentions the ultimate farewell to the bodega run by the titular family. But on top of that, it looks like Liu would have wanted to tackle every aspect of the show’s production in this final season, with contributing in the writer’s room and stepping into the director’s chair being on his own personal wish list. All of this will sadly remain unfulfilled via the show, though, as the March 23 finale will now close out both Season 5 as well as the series.

Of course, another big point that Simu Liu pointed out in his goodbye to Kim’s Convenience is the fact that we won’t get to see the full reconciliation between Liu’s character Jung, and his father Appa, played by The Mandalorian’s Paul Sun-Hyung Lee. However, the real life affection between co-stars is possibly enough to tell fans how things most likely would have wrapped between the two characters, as Lee responded to his on-screen son’s message with a really sweet message. Re-tweeting Simu Liu’s message, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee added the following:

Love you, son. I was always proud of you.

If there’s any justice in the world, Kim’s Convenience will somehow find itself picked up for that final sixth season by another network. Considering Netflix is the US distributor of the show, it perhaps wouldn't be too far a stretch to see them make an offer to round out the run with a purposefully-made capstone. But as it stands, everything will come to an end with the current season, still airing on CBC. Still, the ever optimistic Simu Liu is reticent to say goodbye, but has instead decided to use a Kim’s Convenience catchphrase as his, as of now, final gesture to fans. So let’s hope that the invocation of Kim family’s greeting “Ok, see you” means that we’ll get to see them again, sooner rather than later.

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