TikTok And Vine Star Adam Perkins Is Dead At 24, Confirms Twin Brother

Vine Star dead at 24

Adam Perkins, a TikTok and former Vine star known for a viral “Welcome to Chili’s” video, is dead at 24. The news broke this week after his twin brother and collaborator Patrick Perkins took to Instagram to share the news, as well as his absolutely devastated feelings following the news.

In a post, Patrick Perkins shared that his brother Adam Perkins passed away this past Sunday, April 11. Cause of death was not mentioned in his post, but Perkins --whom Adam often referred to as “Packie” -- did refer to his brother as his “best friend” and tried to explain as best he could the feelings surrounding losing your other twin half. (Edited for punctuation.)

I can’t even really put into words what this loss means for me. I’m often asked the question, “What’s it like to be a twin?” And my response is usually, “What’s it like to NOT be a twin?" Being a twin is a very central part of my identity. it’s all I’ve known and I’m struggling to find the words to explain what it will be like for me to live in this world without him. My best friend.

In the full post, Patrick Perkins also shared an image as well as some information about an album he plans to release following his twin brothers’ passing. Over the last several hours, he’s also shared many throwback images with his brother to his social media page, including the one below.

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It wasn’t just the Perkins family that was affected by the news. Adam Perkins’ ex-partner also shared a post detailing how they’d spent most of the last several months together as the world shut down and most of us spent more and more time at home. In his full Instagram post, Kelton Elliot also shared:

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Adam Perkins had a healthy following on TikTok, but he got his start on the now-defunct platform Vine, where he was known for the aforementioned “Welcome to Chili’s” video that had him walking into a bathroom and dropping the catchphrase. That Vine video had landed more that 20 million loops in its heyday and led to Perkins creating more content, sometimes with his twin brother.

In a post on TikTok from last year, he’d also apologized for the famous Vine video, noting humorously that he felt responsible for a woman who had allegedly gotten a “Welcome to Chili’s” tattoo. As the pandemic and social distancing wore on though, Adam Perkins’ posts on TikTok had waned, though he was still active on Instagram until late March, having mentioned he was now in his mid-twenties and an “analyst.”

We’ll keep you updated if any more news regarding the death of the 24-year-old content creator is made public. Meanwhile, our thoughts go out to the family and friends who are now dealing with this devastating news.

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