Kevin Costner Is Finally Hyping Fans For Yellowstone Season 4, And I Can't Wait

Despite some wintery elements holding fast, it feels very much like spring outside, and that basically means one thing these days: we're only a few months away from a new season of Kevin Costner's Yellowstone, which has made itself comfortable on Paramount Network as an annual summer TV smash. Fans unfortunately have yet to see any official trailers or imagery from Season 4, what with the double-spinoffs news going public this year, but Costner recently took the first steps in getting viewers pumped about the upcoming episodes.

At this point, Kevin Costner could just stand around nodding ever so slightly, and it would understandably be enough to get fans hyped up for whatever he was nodding about, from Dances with Wolves trivia to his brand new TV show on the way. Here's the predictably understated way he started the Yellowstone Season 4 hype train (or would it be hype rodeo?) on Instagram:

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Sadly, Kevin Costner didn't offer any kind of a glimpse of a hint of when Season 4 might arrive, so fans will have to hold on to the hope that Paramount Network will decide to bring Yellowstone back as soon as the summer kicks off on June 20, 2021. Granted, that's a Saturday and doesn't match up with the drama's normal Sunday night airing. But I'm willing to sacrifice the night to get an early jump on seeing how the Dutton family members fared after that twist-driven Season 3 finale that left four potential characters at death's door. (Even though we're pretty sure none of them are actually going to die, at least not anytime soon.)

Yellowstone reportedly wrapped up its Season 4 production back in November, after months of filming while adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols that forced the actors to basically live on and around the Montana location for the duration of the shoot. Ever since stars like Cole Hauser shared that news, though, not too much has been said about Yellowstone Season 4. That, in effect, has probably only made fans all the more anxious to learn what co-creator Tyler Sheridan has in store. Considering how built-up all the drama got in Season 3, it's not like Sheridan is going to hit the narrative brakes anytime soon. Especially not as the franchise begins to expand with both a prequel spinoff and a current-timeline follow-up in the works.

To be expected, the comments on Kevin Costner's post are filled with fans saying "Can't wait!" among other pumped-up reactions, with many also quite desperate to learn when Season 4 will debut on Paramount Network. Here's hoping that as the big Fall TV shows hit their season finales in May, Yellowstone will go hard on its promotional push for its highly anticipated fourth season.

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