Kardashian Romance Update: Tristan Thompson May Have Cheated On Khloe (Again) And Kim Rumored To Be Dating Again

Seeing as how the Kardashian / Jenner clan is filled with beautiful, famous siblings, it would be understandable if it's difficult for one to follow all of the ups and downs of their various love lives closely enough to keep track of everything. While Kourtney Kardashian seems to be pretty happily ensconced with rocker Travis Barker right now, her sisters, Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian, are facing down new rumors which require a Kardashian romance update.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars have never lacked when it comes to drama in their love lives, but some new updates on both Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian could certainly keep the two women in the news. New reports are saying that things may be looking up for Kim, as she might be dating again after filing for divorce from Kanye West, while Khloé could be in the middle of yet another cheating scandal. Let's start with the (potentially) bad news (if true), and discuss what's supposedly been happening with Khloé and Tristan Thompson.

Alright, The Blackout Girls recently appeared on the No Jumper podcast, and member Hayden Reilly asked Sydney Chase, "How was Tristan Thompson's dick?" Chase then went on to talk about how she and Thompson, allegedly, had sex and "talked and hung out" around January or February of this year, and on several different occasions. Chase also claims that she asked Thompson directly if he was single, and he said that he was, and was not in a relationship. Chase said that once she found out that Thompson lied about being single, she cut him loose.

Of course, if true, this is a big problem for Khloé Kardashian. She went public with her renewed romance with Tristan Thompson in mid-March of this year, on the NBA star's birthday, but rumors had pointed to them being back together since around early July 2020. As you will likely recall, if what Sydney Chase said is true, this will be far from the first cheating allegations which have hit Thompson. He and Kardashian began dating in early fall 2016, and were quickly hit with claims that he cheated on her repeatedly, including when she was pregnant with their daughter, True.

In 2019, he kissed Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods, which became a huge public scandal and prompted Kardashian to break up with him. She had been said to be committed to making things work with Thompson after forgiving his past actions, but this rumor will probably lead to some intense conversations between them, and could lead to another break up.

Luckily, things may be going much better for Kim Kardashian. Seeing as how her divorce is still very much moving forward, fans have been obsessed with the idea of who Kardashian might date next, and many seem to believe that she and lawyer / CNN political contributor Van Jones are currently a couple. According to Yahoo Entertainment, they've known each other since 2018, when they were both keynote speakers at Rolling Stone’s Criminal Justice Reform Summit.

The dating rumors began in early January after the Kardashian / West split, and people appear to believe that Kardashian's desire to become a lawyer has helped them become closer. Neither party has confirmed anything at this point, but because both are public figures, if they are dating and things continue to go well, we might hear from one or both of them about it eventually.

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