See American Idol's Katy Perry Absolutely Borrow Orlando Bloom's Lord Of The Rings Elf Ears For Disney Episode

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Katy Perry is, absolutely, a great singer / songwriter who's brought us some of the best pop hits of the past 13 years. But, none of us can doubt the American Idol judge's ability to bring the heat when it comes to stepping out in some looks guaranteed to bring a of attention, whether that's for her fashion-forward nature, or simple, wack-a-doo brilliance which shows that Perry isn't afraid to have fun of herself and doesn't take life too seriously. Now, though, you can see her borrow fiancé Orlando Bloom's Lord of the Rings elf ears for Idol's Disney episode.

With fashion choices which have long been a major topic of conversation, just this season of American Idol has seen Katy Perry show up in several goddess-esq outfits, an ensemble (complete with hat) which made her look a bit like a sexy cow, and a busy flower-power print topped off by peace sign earrings. But, for Idol's Disney Night performances, the star went all out, and donned elf ears and a fairy costume so that she could judge the show as Tinker Bell. And, if she's not wearing Orlando Bloom's Legolas ears, well, I'll be very disappointed. Take a look at her Instagram post!

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Perry posted a quick behind the scenes video of her preparing for the full look to give fans a tease of her American Idol appearance last night, and, as usual, the superstar went all out to give us something unexpected, unnecessary and totally fabulous. I was about to wonder aloud about why her co-judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, didn't also come outfitted as their favorite Disney characters for the event, but I guess it could be said that Katy Perry did have a Leg-olas up when it came to getting ready for the most recent episode of the competition. (Disapprove if you must, but you know I had to do that, right?)

She clearly had fun getting dolled up in the full Tinker Bell look, which also included very accurate wings, the dress, shoes, and an appropriate wig. Katy Perry even dyed her eyebrows a much lighter blonde to match said wig, which I don't quite get, because Tink does usually sport a slightly darker eyebrow. At any rate, no one can claim that Perry didn't throw her full goofy self into playing a little bit of make believe for American Idol.

In case you're wondering whether or not Perry's fiancé (and baby daddy) was annoyed at her copping his Lord of the Rings style, before you get your Bloom-ers in a twist (I'm at it again!), know that Orlando Bloom responded to her post with fire emojis to bookend a female elf emoji, heart emoji, and male elf emoji. So, I think it's likely that he was completely on board.

American Idol will be back (after that surprise elimination) on Sunday night on ABC, but for more to watch, check out our 2021 summer TV schedule!

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