Katy Perry Gets Glamorous And Also Shows Off Her Spanx In New Posts

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Let's face it, we have dozens pop superstars who treat us to glamorous looks, fun songs and their (sometimes) wild wardrobe choices, but few of them are as delightfully nutty as Katy Perry. The American Idol judge and new mom has always been very willing to make herself look more than a little silly for our collective enjoyment, whether performing on stage or strutting around in a music video. Now, she's gone a step further by serving up some glamor and also showing off her Spanx. Gotta love that Katy Perry!

Katy Perry has, just during her time as an American Idol judge, given us some wacky looks, a pretty epic wardrobe malfunction, and some entirely elegant attire, and now she's using Instagram to show us how she gets glamorous, which includes the wearing of a little shapewear known as Spanx. First, let's see our Katy all dolled up in a very goddess-worthy gown:

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Whoa, there, Katy Perry! Those of us still in quarantine might be totally unprepared for the gorgeousness you're offering up. You could knock some of us right out with all of this glamor, girl! Warn someone before just springing this on us, next time! Perry didn't mention in her caption why she's all fancied up, but she's clearly doing it well, whatever the reason. She simply labeled this series of shots "Mother," with a heart emoji in place of the "o," and if this isn't an enchanting earth mother-esq look, I don't know what is.

I mean, gold lame is one thing. But those flowy blonde locks? The cleavage-friendly, sweetheart-adjacent, off-the-shoulder neckline? A wrap or cape situation draped over her arms? Her California girl glow? And, most importantly, those pleats! Katy Perry is rocking all-over pleats, you guys. While I fully believe every one of you reading this right now are beauty personified, I think we can all agree that at least 99% of us would look as though we were sticking our heads out of super fancy trash bags were we to don all those damn pleats, right? Give it to us, Katy. Serve, serve, serve!

As can be expected, though, Katy Perry decided not to rest on her alluring laurels, and also made a completely on-brand choice to give fans a peek behind the captivating curtain, with another post. Take a look!

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LOL! The best part about this short video might be the combination of the build-up, and the look on Perry's face when she shows off her decidedly non-seductive Spanx. It appears that she's doing wardrobe fittings, and thought it would be a good idea to turn the room into her own personal runway, and who hasn't done this in the hall of their very own home? As the video notes, Perry is, indeed, giving us "power, attitude, style, confidence, sex"...until she lifts up her shiny blue trench coat and gives up the secret to all of it while wearing the goofiest look on her face possible.

We love you, Katy Perry. Never change!

Katy Perry will be back for American Idol Season 4, which will debut sometime in the spring of 2021. For what to watch in the meantime, be sure to check out our guide to fall TV and see what else is coming in the new year!

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