SNL's Pete Davidson Shares Candid Thoughts On His Romantic Approach With Women

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Pete Davidson hasn't been famous for very long, but since joining the cast of Saturday Night Live in Season 40 back in 2014, he's found himself dominating the headlines both for his appearances on the long-running hit, and for his personal life. Davidson has been attached to several famous women during his time on SNL, and with that many high profile romances in a relatively short period of time, you can probably imagine that people are interested in how he approaches women he's interested in. Well, Davidson just shared his candid thoughts on his romantic approach with women, and his fans might be surprised.

Pete Davidson has nabbed a number of headlines for his work in many well-regarded movies and TV shows away from his time on SNL, including his role as Blackguard in the fast-approaching rebootquel, The Suicide Squad. But, a lot of attention is thrown his way because of his romances. When talking about his life and career recently on The Breakfast Club radio show, the topic of fame came up and Davidson was asked about how he goes about interacting with women when he's interested in them romantically, and he replied candidly, saying:

I am just very, very honest. I think what a lot of people do is they try to put on a version of themselves that they would like to be. Eventually that will unravel. So I just, off the top I'm like, 'Hey, I'm nuts. Here's all my issues. Here's what I do. Here's the therapist. This is what happens.' And that could either be a lot for someone, or they could be like, 'Cool, that's really refreshingly honest.' Or sometimes it can be a little intense and weird, and people can't handle that stuff.

This really says a lot about how Pete Davidson probably likes to handle himself, in general, because there are many people who simply cannot deal with this kind of honesty in a relationship, especially a brand new one. From what Davidson said, instead of focusing on pick up lines or trying to only present the best version of himself, he just attempts to communicate the reality of his life to women he's interested in. Whether or not they want to go down that road with him is then totally up to them, and they have the details they need to make a, basically, informed decision.

And, I'm sure Davidson is right that a lot of women probably find this to be "really refreshingly honest." Even if they decide that a long-term romance isn't in the cards, it's nice to know that someone values you and your time enough to be honest about who they are and what they're going through. Of course, another matter which comes into play when dating involves how you interact with that person as you embark on a new romance, and, it turns out that Pete Davidson isn't here for games or withholding info where that comes, either. He added:

But I think just going into it honest, and just not playing any of the games, like any of the text games. 'I won't hit you up for a certain amount of hours, because I wanna seem busy.' If I'm into you, I'm really into you.

Now that Pete Davidson has spelled all of this out for everyone, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets even more attention from ladies very soon. Though, if he's trying to keep his dating life more on the down-low now, we may never know.

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