The Unicorn's Walton Goggins Shares Extended Emotional Message Following CBS Cancellation

Wade (Walton Goggins) smiles on The Unicorn (2021)

The end of a TV season is a pretty bittersweet time for viewers, as it comes with both good news and bad news. On the bright side, it features a slew of announcements regarding new shows and renewal confirmations for existing ones. But the other side of that equation includes cancellation news for other shows. This was unfortunately the case for Walton Goggins’ The Unicorn, which was cancelled by CBS after two seasons. And following the announcement, Goggins shared an extended, emotional message.

In the past, Walton Goggins has always exuded a classy and respectful vibe, and the message he released following The Unicorn’s cancellation lines up with that. The actor took to Instagram to discuss the news and reflect on what he and the creators hoped to achieve with the dramedy:

Our story was about learning how to live again after losing a spouse, a mother… a friend. I wanted to tell this story because I’ve been thru it… one of our creators went thru it… I’ve had upwards of ten friends go thru this very thing and given what has transpired in the last year so many around the world find themselves in similar situations.

On The Unicorn, Walton Goggins played Wade, a recently widowed father who is encouraged by his two daughters to start dating again. And to his surprise, he ends up being a hot ticket within the dating world due to his status as an entrepreneur and his devotion to his daughters. Having been through a similar situation, the show was incredibly personal for Goggins and, later in his post, he expressed his gratitude to CBS and the cast and crew for their aid in helping him tell this story:

To my show runners, my cast and crew… there are no words to express the gratitude I have for you, for showing up everyday and coming from your heart. I love you. We made a half hour without ever writing a joke! And to CBS… for your support…for letting us tell this story our way. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

The Unicorn managed to find a small, but devoted, audience during its two-season run and, as Walton Goggins explained, many connected with his character and the show. The show also managed to receive mostly positive reviews from critics before wrapping up its run back in March. You can check out the actor’s full post down below, which includes some sweet photos:

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There was definitely a lot to like about The Unicorn, whether it be the show’s examination of what it’s like to grieve a spouse and move forward or its lighthearted humor. Justified devotees likely also got a kick out of seeing Walton Goggins reunite with Natalie Zea. The show will surely be missed by fans, and its acclaim could make it one of those underrated TV gems that audiences revisit years from now.

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