CBS' The Unicorn Is Extending Its Justified Reunion For Walton Goggins Throughout Season 2

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(Image credit: CBS)
(Image credit: CBS)

Last season, CBS’ The Unicorn thrilled fans with a Justified reunion between its star, Walton Goggins, and one of his former co-stars from the FX crime drama. Fast forward, and The Unicorn will be returning for Season 2 and extending its Justified reunion in the process. If you were wondering what some of the Justified cast is doing now, the answer for one of them is coming back to The Unicorn.

Deadline reports that Natalie Zea will be returning in Season 2 to reprise her role on The Unicorn. Fans will recall that Zea put in a cameo appearance that set Justified fans’ hearts a-flutter during last season’s finale. The show’s buzzy development hinted there could be more to come between Zea’s Shannon and Walton Goggins’ Wade. Now, it seems as though there will be. Here is what is happening.

Natalie Zea has signed on to recur in a large capacity when The Unicorn returns for Season 2, as Walton Goggins’ Wade will eventually catch up with Zea’s Shannon. Will their fleeting meeting last season be the stuff unicorn dreams are made of? Wade is reportedly pleased to learn that she is the woman he expected: intelligent, lovely, and caring. There is a catch, though; Shannon’s life is “complicated.”

I am not talking about the “complicated” you may put on your Facebook status, either. Shannon’s life is described as being more complex than Wade could have ever imagined. Wait. What? Yes, that is the juicy tease that fans of the series, which was inspired by a true story, are left to contemplate as The Unicorn readies to gallop back for Season 2. I imagine that wait now feels a lot longer for viewers.

There is some potentially good news for those already pulling for the Justified reunion to last a while. At least, in the form of the actors’ Unicorn characters finding lasting love. Natalie Zea’s commitment to the single-camera comedy sounds as though it could last a while. That said, Zea is also waiting for word on her NBC drama pilot (La Brea) to see if it gets picked up, so fans will have to stay tuned.

For now, a Justified reunion is a Justified reunion, and that is an exciting thing for fans. In related good tidings, CBS has put The Unicorn in prime position for Justified fans that may not have already tuned into Walton Goggins’ new show, so they now have a chance to catch up. The first season is now streaming on Netflix.

It will be intriguing to learn whether or not Wade finds a lasting love of sorts with Shannon, and what her complicated backstory entails in Season 2. The Unicorn’s first season followed Wade as the widowed father of two was persuaded to re-join the dating scene he left a long time ago. Will Shannon’s life prove too complicated for him to continue seeing her? Or will they be able to make it work?

Season 2 could settle matters. For now, The Unicorn’s first season is currently streaming on Netflix as one of its 2020 additions. While you wait for Walton Goggins’ extended Justified reunion with Natalie Zea to play out, you can check out all of this fall’s premieres.

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