Jupiter's Legacy Season 2? Here's What Mark Millar Says About The Netflix Series

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It can be difficult to predict whether or not audiences will respond to the story of a streaming series that releases full seasons in one go, but as Netflix has proved with hits ranging from Stranger Things to Bridgerton, shows can take off at a sprint if they get a good launch. Season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy only recently dropped on Netflix, but fans are already clamoring for a follow-up season.

Jupiter’s Legacy creator Mark Millar dished about the possibility of a second season in an interview with ComicBook.com. Here’s what he had to say:

We know where we're going. I mean the books are a good template, The books are all sitting there for us so we have a very rough plan, but we know it all depends on, not to get too cocky, that the audience responds the way we think they will. We feel good about it. We feel as if people are going to like this; the response so far has been amazing. So we really feel this has got a lot of likes, I think. So, yeah, we do. I mean, we talk privately all the time about what we'd like to do but nothing can be formal until we get our numbers.

Sounds pretty positive. And Mark Millar might have good reason to feel that way. When the first eight-episode season of Jupiter’s Legacy premiered on Netflix on May 7th, it quickly shot to the number one spot on the popular streaming platform. Despite some middling reactions from television critics, audiences were enamored with the time-hopping superhero series. Jupiter’s Legacy only has a 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience score jumps up to 72%. This is a good sign: after all, the number of viewers can be far more crucial than critical approval across the board. As long as the audience continues to support the show, that could generate enough interest for Netflix to invest in Season 2.

Another good sign? As Mark Millar said, Jupiter’s Legacy (which was based on his comic series of the same name) already has a road map in the form of the original comics. This means that the comics' fanbase might clamor to see the next volume play out onscreen. It would be incredibly frustrating to only see the first book get the onscreen treatment (fingers crossed for a second season of Shadow and Bone). In addition, the first season set up multiple plotlines that would presumably play out in a future season, so audiences would have a reason to tune in.

The story of Jupiter’s Legacy is certainly interesting enough to warrant more exploration. Mark Millar’s story recounts the adventures of a group of people who are gifted with extraordinary abilities after their trip to a mysterious island. The past storyline is intertwined with the present, where the heroes must contend with their equally super children. The show stars Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, and Ben Daniels, among others.

Should Jupiter’s Legacy get a second season? You can check the show out on Netflix and decide for yourself.

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