Sounds Like Henry Cavill's Still Dealing With The Witcher Season 2 Injury, At Least A Little Bit

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The Witcher was a huge hit for Netflix when it debuted in December 2019, and was quickly given a second season. But, the show had a lot of problems completing Season 2 (many of which, obviously, were not the production's fault), and one of the issues it faced was an injury sustained by star Henry Cavill back in December 2020, just a few months after they'd been able to start filming again. While he soon returned to set and everyone completed filming by early April, it looks like Cavill is still dealing with that injury at least a little bit.

Henry Cavill has become known as an actor who enjoys doing his own stunts and going to great physical lengths at times to make sure he completes his roles with the utmost believability. This has never been more true than with his time on The Witcher as monster-fighting Geralt of Rivia, but a Season 2 stunt appears to have been to blame in some way for Cavill injuring his hamstring. From what the star said in a new Instagram post, though, it sounds like he's still dealing with the ramifications of that injury.

This would normally be the time of year when Cavill competes in the Durrell Challenge charity run, but it turns out he felt it was best to take it a bit easy this year. Have a look at his post, below:

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For those wondering, 13 kilometers is about eight miles, and while I can't imagine running for nearly that long under normal circumstances, it seems like Henry Cavill was just acting with an abundance of caution by not going full-on into athlete mode for the charity run. Instead, he and, I believe, his brother and possibly his wife, joined Cavill for a very long walk to continue playing their part in the challenge. Honestly, if I'd torn a hamstring or whatever, I'd be more likely to show up for this event while being carted around in a royal litter so that I could wave adoringly to my fans with as little effort as possible, so Henry Cavill might be a better person than me.

Of course, it's good to see that Cavill is both healthy enough to still take part in the challenge in any way, and eager to do so. He was so excited just to take a long walk through the park with his dog, you guys. That seems like a sign of someone who really enjoys exercise and the outdoors, so kudos to Cavill for making it happen this year, despite his injury.

While it doesn't appear that Henry Cavill has revealed exactly how he hurt himself on The Witcher set, reports indicated that he was wearing Geralt's heavy armor while in a harness 20 feet in the air when it occurred. Even though he was able to return to work relatively quickly afterward, it's probably a good idea for him to take the exercise easy whenever he can, until he's totally back to his full strength. We wouldn't want him to have to step down from filming his own stunts in the future, especially since it's something he really enjoys.

The Witcher Season 2 is set to debut sometime later this year, but until we have a premiere date, check out what's coming up with our 2021 summer TV premiere schedule!

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