Could New Amsterdam's Reynolds Change His Mind About The Open Marriage? Jocko Sims Weighs In


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Spoilers ahead for the penultimate episode of New Amsterdam Season 3, called "Fight Time."

Only one episode is left before New Amsterdam heads back into hiatus and fans begin the wait for Season 4, and "Fight Time" just guaranteed that Reynolds' story heading into the finale is pretty complicated. Reynolds has found himself drawn more and more to Dr. Lyn Malvo, whose open marriage offer definitely doesn't fit with what he has always envisioned for his future. He held fast to his determination not to cross any lines since she has a ring on her finger, but it wasn't easy on him. Jocko Sims opened up to CinemaBlend about whether Reynolds could bend enough to start something with her.

Reynolds is in a pretty unfortunate situation given that he and Malvo have genuine feelings for each other to go with the attraction, and the connection is still there despite his best intentions and a not-entirely-helpful conversation with Bloom in the ED. When I asked Jocko Sims if Malvo's open marriage is something that Reynolds could bend on despite knowing that he wants a different kind of relationship, the actor shared:

I think so. I think at least temporarily, he could find himself bending because it's what she's presented as what she is on the surface looking for out of this dynamic. And what he's presented that he on the surface has said that he wants out of life, in order for this to continue, somebody's got to give. I can see Reynolds because he's gone this far. He showed up to have drinks and it was her place, but then they continued to go out that evening. You saw on this episode, you just saw that he shows up again there to meet with her for something and he just got this push-pull so I could definitely see him falling victim. [laughs] I could see him partaking for sure.

Poor Reynolds was stuck as soon as he formed an interest in Malvo while she wasn't wearing her wedding ring, and as Jocko Sims said, somebody's got to give if the story is going to move forward for them. Or, of course, move backward, but Sims has also explained that he's just rooting for Reynolds to be happy. Whether or not being with Malvo as the outsider to an open marriage could make him happy is an entirely different matter, and it should be interesting to see if he does indeed bend or even break before the final credits roll on Season 3.

Interestingly, Jocko Sims had no idea going into Season 3 that the plot between Reynolds and Frances Turner's Malvo would turn into what it has become. Sims and Turner explained how far ahead into their storyline they knew when they started building the relationship, saying:

Jocko Sims: I knew very little. I tend to not inquire and have that luxury being on the show. We're reading one episode while filming another and planning another one ahead. So it's just like I like to move along with where we are. But that said, when Frances's character came on board, the only thing I had seen was that he initially liked her. And then that she had a ring. And for me on paper, I thought that was the end. Until she showed up. And I was thinking, 'Wow, she's good. She's beautiful. This is great. I think this could be something interesting.' And I think Frances kind of alluded to the fact that she might be on longer, which made it all very interesting for me. I'm like, 'Where could they go with this if she's married?' So I knew very, very little. I think Frances might have even known more.Frances Turner: Yeah, I knew that she was going to recur. But I remember it was funny, because we were shooting the scene when our characters meet, when you come to the OB, and we were shooting that scene, and we've done a few takes, and you're like, 'They're probably gonna try to keep you.' And I'm like, 'I'm coming back.' [laughs]

As for what New Amsterdam has in store for Reynolds and Malvo in the Season 3 finale, only time will tell. The episode description reveals that Reynolds will receive a dramatic offer, but fans will have to wait until the Season 3 finale airs on Tuesday, June 8 at 10 p.m. ET to find out how New Amsterdam will leave their story heading into Season 4.

The end of New Amsterdam Season 3 will mark yet another medical drama airing its final episode of the 2020-2021 TV season, but TV isn't running out of primetime options even as finale season continues. For some of what you can watch and when to watch it, be sure to check out our 2021 summer TV premiere schedule.

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