Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Star Jane Levy Calls Out NBC For Cancelling The Show

Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.

NBC’s musical dramedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist recently got a surprise cancellation, even after it seemed like it would be moving to NBC’s sister streaming platform, Peacock. Much of the cast and crew have spoken out about the shocking decision, and star Jane Levy is now calling out the network and throwing in her two cents.

Jane Levy recently spoke out about NBC’s lineup, which will soon include a full night of Law & Order, in addition to its One Chicago Wednesdays. During that interview with Vanity Fair, she spoke about her show’s cancellation and called out the network for having multiple procedurals in the lineup, while Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, which centers on love and music, was taken off the air:

I’m sorry, but I have to say this: I look at the new NBC lineup, and it’s like, ‘Okay, we could watch a lot of shows about crime and guns.’ Our show is about love. It’s a real shame to take that off the air…I feel like it’s the wrong move.

At present, Lionsgate is reportedly shopping the series around to other places, and fans and cast members are campaigning to have the show saved. As this happens, Jane Levy seems to be making it a point to let people know how much Zoey’s meant to her and how much of herself she put into the show:

Honestly, the main feeling I have is gratitude. I feel like I did everything that I wanted to with this show. If it’s over, I don’t have any regrets. I gave it my all and so did everybody else.

Although there were talks of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist moving to Peacock, NBC was holding out for more viewers. There was even a marathon on E! on few weeks ago, during which the network aired all 25 episodes of the series. The network seemingly waited as long as it could after the finale aired, as the powers that be wanted to give the show time to air all of the episodes of the season. This is a method that's been applied to other shows that have been on the bubble. With Zoey’s and freshman series Debris now cancelled, veteran series Manifest, which just aired its third season finale, and Good Girls, which returns later this summer, are the two remaining shows that have not been renewed.

Season 2 of Zoey’s included many different storylines, such as one centered on equality in the workplace and, of course, there was the ongoing love triangle between Zoey, Max (Skylar Astin) and Simon (John Clarence Stewart). The season also included an original song (which would have likely been the first of many had the series been renewed) and even a flashback episode. The series also featured a number of bigger musical performances throughout the season.

Having Jane Levy back as Zoey Clarke in a new season of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist would be a dream come true but, while you wait to see if that actually happens, you can stream both seasons of the show on Peacock.

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