Zendaya's Crazy In Love BET Awards Tribute Look Is Flawless And Even Beyoncé’s Mom Agrees

Beyoncé and Zendaya now tied together by a BET Awards outfit

Zendaya has made many fashion statements on the red carpet during the time she’s been famous, but she really went all out at the BET Awards this weekend. The Euphoria and Dune star captured our attention in a flimsy, flowy dress -- one that was straight up a nod to what Beyoncé wore during her iconic 2003 performance of “Crazy in Love” at the same event. The look was a big hit, even for Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles-Lawson and others who were around for Bey's performance years ago.

If you don’t remember the dress, Zendaya ultimately chose to keep the bodice very similar to what Queen Bey wore nearly two decades ago. However, she lengthened the skirt part to strut down the red carpet, effectively modernizing the look while also making it more appropriate for a carpet. (Of course, Beyoncé needed a shorter length dress to perform in it as well.) Take a look at the Malcolm and Marie star strutting her stuff like the singer/songwriter.

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Zendaya was suitably impressed by her own look and shared multiple looks with Bey-related captions before attending the event. I particularly also like this one, because it gives us a slow-mo look at the dress and confirms Zendaya’s outfit for the night, was 100% an homage to Beyoncé.

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Obviously 2003 was a long time ago. While I think there are plenty of moments from Beyoncé music videos and performances that have stuck with the fans over the years, if you don’t specifically remember her look from the 2003 BET Awards, it’s totally fine. The good news is there is still video of the performance on the interwebs you can totally watch. In the footage, Beyoncé’s original dress was created by Versace.

Zendaya thanked her stylist team for the look as well, sharing on her Instagram Stories that she had help from her “dream team.” In fact, it seems they got the star looking all glitzy from the comfort of her backyard, with Zendaya noting, “dream team makin’ it happen in my backyard.” She credits Darnell Appling, Kim Kimble, Law Roach and ABDM Studio for the look. Her stylist, Law Roach, also joked, “Get you a stylist with a[n] ARCHIVE”

Plus, the dress seems to have earned the approval of mom and grandmother Tina Knowles-Lawson, who shared her own memories from the night her daughter first wore it on the stage.

Love Zendaya in this beautiful vintage Versace dress !! I cut it short for Beyonce for Bet awards 2003. Crazy in Love Performance! Love it long on Zendaya with those long endless legs. Work Zendaya. Virgo fierceness!!!!!

Donatella Versace herself also commented with her own seal of approval, throwing some purple heart emojis on Instagram along with the following comment:

Zendaya You looked just SENSATIONAL last night at the BET Awards???? I’ll never forget Beyoncé wearing this in 2003. A tough act to follow but you aced it effortlessly! You got me looking….!!

Other stars from Storm Reid ("lord have mercy") to Choe ("my goodness") and upcoming The Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey ("oh my") also had nothing but praise and awe for Zendaya’s bold and daring look on the red carpet. It seems a lot of stars found the look inspiring, but I have to ask: What did you think?

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