Jason Momoa And Anthony Anderson Stripped Down For 'Sexy' Video Involving Baby Oil And Tuna Fish Juice

Aquaman listening to Nudidis Vulko's plan in Aquaman

For millions of women (and men), Jason Momoa has been a not-always-so-secret fantasy figure since his days on Game of Thrones. The combination of his chill vibes, tall stature and superhero physique pushed him to be one of Hollywood’s most desired stars. Practically any television show or movie Momoa is in these days becomes instantly more sexy from his mere presence, such is the Aquaman star's power. But can he make anything more alluring in such a way? This was put to the test as Momoa and Anthony Anderson stripped down for a “sexy” video involving baby oil and tuna fish juice and ironing. Hawt!

Is there anything that Jason Momoa can’t make sexy? The resounding answer is no, even though it's a bit of a sliding scale where canned food is concerned. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest host Anthony Anderson challenged the star of Apple TV+'s See to give everyday household items that loving feeling. Of course, being the chill dude he is, the on-location Momoa was more than up for the challenge, and he took things a step further by going shirtless, giving himself a clear advantage. Momoa said to Anderson and the audience:

I’m ready, big daddy. Yeah, I know the studio didn’t want me to take my clothes off. But we’re going to take my clothes off right now.

But the black-ish star wasn’t going to let Jason Momoa show him up, so Anthony Anderson decided to also go shirtless while still in the studio. It appeared taking on Will Smith’s dad bod challenge is starting to pay off, both physically and confidence-wise. After Anderson popped his shirt and tie off, things got even crazier. The first item in the “Jason Momoa can make anything sexy” challenge was hand sanitizer, and the actor wasted no time in squirting himself with it before rubbing it all over his upper body. So...so...sanitary.

But then they really stretched the ties that bind reality when Anthony Anderson tasked Jason Momma with making tuna fish sexy. And while the Aquaman side of the actor would probably rather talk to live tuna, Momoa was more than up for that challenge as well. He first decided to drizzle the tuna fish juice all over himself.

jason momoa drinking tuna juice gif

You better bet Jason Momoa wasn’t done making canned tuna look sexy yet, either. After that tuna juice shower, he proceeded to go to town on the actual tuna itself while offering up some hilarious sexy talk. And while the latter isn't heard in the GIF below, that doesn't make it any less...whatever the cross is between sexual and stomach-churning.

jason momoa making tuna fish sexy gif

The final challenge Anthony Anderson provided sent the actor’s sexiness into a heated overdrive. Jason Momoa had to bring some sex appeal to the boring chore of ironing, and he took things up a notch by making it a far more physical act that it usually is for people at home. And yeah, there's baby oil involved, not to mention a lot of stroking and grinding and starching.

So, while some people's mileage may vary, I think it has been proven once again Jason Momoa can make anything sexy. Or at least more sexy than it was before he started pouring it down his bare chest. It might be a while before Anthony Anderson is on Momoa’s level, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't also feel free to iron any way he sees fit. To see all Momoa and Anderson’s sexiness on full display, check out the full clip below:

The actor will bring his signature sensitive beefcake vibes to Dune when the sci-fi epic arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on Oct. 22. But the sci-fi film isn’t the only time fans will see him in the near future, as Aquaman 2 is currently filming, which he'll head to once he finishes filming Apple TV+'s See Season 2, and there are even more upcoming Jason Momoa movies and shows on the horizon.

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