What Joanna Gaines And The Kids Think Of Chip Gaines' Long Hair

Chip and Joanna Gaines talking about new problems during a renovation on Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

For anyone who’s ever watched an episode of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Fixer Upper, it's always been apparent that Mr. Gaines can be a little unpredictable and childlike. That's part of what made the show fun, as he balanced out his wife’s more gentle and logical approach to most situations, and their chemistry hasn't changed even after the show's end. His unpredictability came out during the pandemic, too, as Chip Gaines decided to grow out his hair. Of course, everyone had something to say online, but has anyone asked how his family feels about the new look?

Chip Gaines went through the same dilemma most adults went through – how to get a haircut when the world is shut down. His solution, however, was to let it all go. While Gaines’ hair was never exactly super-short, this is the longest fans have ever seen his hair grow. And as those opinions continue to be shared on social media, Joanna Gaines has revealed what she and the rest of the family thinks about his shaggy look.

My girls really do like his [new long] hair and now his hair is longer than Ella’s…It’s this wild free, adventurous side which is huge, so I think it matches his personality.

Joanna Gaines was right to say her husband’s new hair matches his personality. Chip Gaines has made a brand out of being a semi-mature “bro” with his crazy antics and dad-joke humor. While he's not quite a hippie or anything, having long hair does suit that relaxed silliness more than his past look did. After seeing his long locks, I would now believe that he was trying to fit into more of a professional mold before. But the pandemic, as well as a ton of post-HGTV success, made him let loose with his appearance. It probably helps that he's his own boss now and can wear his baseball caps whichever way he likes.

Chip Gaines revealing a newfound problem to Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

After Joanna Gaines gave the family’s opinion, Chip Gaines delved more into the fairly simple inspiration for his long locks with Access Hollywood, saying this about growing out his hair over the pandemic:

I’ve never had long hair, so for me, I’ve had all these odd bucket lists that I want to say before I die, 'I did this and I did that.' Long hair was one of them.

While the pandemic and a bucket list pushed him to grow out his hair - not quite as dour as it sounds - Chip Gaines apparently wanted to rock this look for a long time. Being in quarantine with the world shut down allowed him to finally fulfill his long-desired wish. Hopefully, Gaines will block out any naysayers' thoughts and keep the look if he wants while dealing with other issues related to their brand. And if he wants to start up a band that specializes in home renovation-related rock songs...well, that's a choice, too.

Maybe viewers will get to see Chip Gaines’ long locks once Fixer Upper: Welcome Home premieres along with the rest of Magnolia Network's programming slate on July 15.

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