Titans Season 3 Trailer Gets Hype With Red Hood, Barbara Gordon, Scarecrow And More

Holy resurrection, Batman! HBO Max released its full-length trailer for Titans Season 3, and it features a smorgasbord of new characters that will leave fans anything but smorgas-bored. (Proof that I'm not the Riddler or the Joker of this universe.) Just in case fans thought that the comic book-inspired series would be twisting things around for Jason Todd going into its A Death in the Family arc, the trailer quickly brushes those thoughts aside.

That's right, Jason Todd is dead, people! I honestly can't think of the last time a TV trailer up and revealed a major death like that before a season even started. Granted, the suspicions were there, especially when actor Curran Walters talked about transitioning into Red Hood. And the badass villain was properly introduced in the trailer, though obviously without giving fans too much time with him.

jason todd's red hood on titans season 3

The trailer also features the reunion between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, with Savannah Welch taking on the iconic post-paralysis role. Does that mean we'll be hearing about how her traumatic physical injuries happened, possibly tying things into Jason Todd's death? But wait, was that actually The Joker who was shown to be wailing away on Jason's body with that crowbar, or just one of the Clown Prince's goons?

Fans also get some haunting early peeks at the Arkham Asylum-bound Dr. Jonathan Crane, better known as The Scarecrow. As portrayed by Mad Men vet Vincent Kartheiser, Scarecrow will be helping Dick and Gotham P.D. along in quite the Silence of the Lambs-esque way, as he offers advice from behind bars, as it were. Although it definitely looks like Anna Diop's Kory gets a dose of some fear toxin at some point.

jay lycurgo's tim drake reacting to jason todd death in titans season 3

Another major introduction of sorts happening in the Titans Season 3 trailer is our first good look at Jay Lycurgo's young Tim Drake. Considering he was first shown during reaction shots to Jason Todd's death, I think it's safe to say we'll get to see his first attempts to fill those Robin boots, although we also see Iain Glen's Bruce Wayne claiming he's giving it all up. So will there even be a Batman for Tim to learn from?

And while we're celebrating things, let's get pumped for the return of Krypto! And for the buffed-up Joshua Orpin's Conner to bring that Superman shirt back! And for more of Beast Boy as a tiger! All in one moment!

Finally, HBO Max also released a key art poster for Titans Season 3, which offers a nice and colorful look at everyone's new costumes, from Kory to Conor Leslie's Donna Troy to...oh, I dunno...a little somebody named NIGHTWING. Granted, we'd already seen Brenton Thwaites rocking his Nightwing garb, but it still looks flipping awesome.

I cannot wait to see how all of these elements come together when Titans Season 3 debuts on HBO Max on Thursday, August 12.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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