Manifest Star Melissa Roxburgh Thanks The Fans For Netflix Support, Despite Untimely Cancellation

Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest.

It’s been just over a month since NBC cancelled its twisty mystery drama Manifest, but it’s still drawing huge numbers on Netflix with its first two seasons. The series nearly broke a major Netflix record over the weekend due to its streaming popularity, and while Manifest hasn’t found a new home as of yet, fans are still not backing down with their demands. Those demands may not have caused any changes (yet), but Melissa Roxburgh is still thankful for those still watching.

Melissa Roxburgh, who played Detective Michaela Stone on Manifest, took to social media recently to high five the fandom in anticipation for the series potentially breaking the record for longest consecutive #1 show on Netflix. It didn't end up happening, but the appreciation was felt all the same.

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Ever since the first two seasons dropped on the streamer in June, Manifest has remained a steady contender at the top of the charts, with many believing that popularity would specifically lead consider renewing the show for Season 4. Alas, Manifest was ultimately knocked out of the top spot thanks to new Season 3 episodes of Virgin River, meaning the Netflix Original series Ginny & Georgia still holds the record at 29 days. At 27 consecutive days, though, Manifest ended its reign tied for the second spot with last year’s quarantine hit Tiger King.

Melissa Roxburgh and her fellow costars, along with Manifest's creator Jeff Rake, have been very vocal online since the initial cancellation from NBC. With many fans still talking about the series, it’s a surprise that no platform or network has stepped up to reverse that decision. Considering Netflix hasn't “saved” a show since 2018, it’s also not that surprising that its execs aren't rushing to do so, but still.

Just today, Melissa Roxburgh shared the latest Nielsen report, which stated that over 2.5 billion minutes of Manifest just during the week of 6/14-6/20. That's a whole hell of a lot of callings.

Much of the stars expressed their feelings about the show's fate and fandom following the news that Netflix passed on renewing the series, while showrunner and creator Jeff Rake has mentioned a few times that he is not backing down from the fight and is even reworking the final three seasons of Manifest into a movie. He has hopes that it will be picked up at least somewhere so the story can get the proper conclusion it, and the fans, deserve. It’s only been a month since the finale, and its popularity has only grown immensely since those first two seasons hit Netflix. It’s still possible that the mysteries of Flight 828 will be solved in some way, shape or form.

Following the Season 3 finale of Manifest, fans were quick to get on the #RenewManifest and #SaveManifest train. The finale included multiple twists and cliffhangers, some tragic like Grace’s death, some surprising like Cal’s sudden aging and one that was two seasons in the making when Captain Daly made a quick reappearance at Eureka before disappearing all over again. While Manifest’s legion of fans may not be able to save this Lifeboat so quickly, they aren’t getting grounded just yet. Here’s hoping that we get those answers someday, even if it’s it takes a while.

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