Watch Outlander Stars Argue About Justin Bieber In Fun New Video

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Outlander takes viewers back to the 1700s on a weekly basis when new seasons are airing on Starz, but that doesn't mean the cast members are stuck in the 18th century when it comes to their downtime on set. Stars Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton, who play Roger and Brianna MacKenzie on Outlander, took some time while working on Season 6 to film a fun video illustrating how well they know each other, and the result was an argument about Justin Bieber that definitely wouldn't take place circa the American Revolution.

In the video, Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton share what they know – or what they think they know – about the other, with some pretty entertaining results, and it turns out that one of them is a much bigger Justin Bieber fan than the other. The whole video courtesy of the Outlander Twitter account is worth the watch, but the Bieber banter starts around the 2:00 minute mark!

Well, it seems that Richard Rankin's trailer was adjacent to Sophie Skelton's on the Outlander set during Season 6 filming (which has since ended), because he got to experience her Justin Bieber blasts on a regular basis! And apparently, "Peaches" was a favorite song of Skelton's, considering how hilariously annoyed Rankin was that he knows where Bieber gets his peaches. (And probably his weed.) Skelton did rise to Bieber's defense for his "party beats" to get her in the mood for the day, but it doesn't look like either one of them is going to budge in their stances on Bieber.

In a fun bit of trivia, however, Richard Rankin did apparently warm up to both Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. He may not be interested in where Justin Bieber gets his peaches, but maybe he's just more into his wildest dreams of shaking it off to party in the USA! I will say that hearing a Justin Bieber rant in a Scottish accent from a man dressed in his 18th century best is something that I didn't know I needed in my life, but now I'm just wishing there was some way it could make it into the show. I don't think Roger would be a Belieber either!

Richard Rankin is apparently a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, however, as both he and Sophie Skelton quoted Andy Samberg's iconic "Cool, cool, cool" phrase from the Fox-turned-NBC comedy, which will end after its upcoming eighth season. And it's just plain fun to imagine the whole Outlander cast in costume streaming episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine while filming their period drama between Justin Bieber breaks, if you ask me! Now, if only Outlander was returning with a new season as soon as Brooklyn Nine-Nine is. While the comedy returns on August 12, Outlander won't be back with Season 6 until early 2022.

Still, having an end to the Droughtlander in sight is better than just wondering when the show will return, so fans have something to look forward to. Plus, the fall TV lineup will be packed with plenty of solid viewing options to pass the time while waiting for Outlander to come back with more of the Fraser family.

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