Justin Bieber Sent Victoria Beckham His Crocs And Her Response Was Priceless

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Those of us who only wear them while in dire straits and in route to McDonald’s on a late night run probably didn’t know that Crocs are high fashion too – according to Justin Bieber. The "Peaches" singer released his second collaboration with the iconic footwear brand and the Drew House fashion label a few weeks ago, and they’re already sold out for the public. Apparently, though, the Biebs sent fashionista Victoria Beckham, of Spice Girls fame, a pair of his designer Crocs, and her priceless response was not so enthused.

In case you missed your chance at buying them, the Crocs in question are lavender and feature an array of cartoon characters from Drew House, which include skateboarding skeletons and teddy bears. After Victoria Beckham received these…creations from Justin Bieber, she posted them on her Instagram stories with a poll, asking, “Will I be wearing lilac crocs?!” The results are in, and 57% of Beckham’s fanbase give it a thumbs down, hard no. Beckham herself commented that she'd "rather die" than wear them. See her full post here:

Ouch. Victoria Beckham would rather choose death over Crocs. We can’t exactly say her response is a surprise, though. Posh Spice is most known these days for her muted, mostly neutral color palette and classic forms of high fashion, which include her own long-running brand. She is practically a rooted fixture at Fashion Week runways, so it makes one wonder what Justin Bieber was thinking, exactly. Perhaps it was simply a joke before the joke? I’m still laughing either way.

Victoria Beckham hilariously dunked on the concept of ever wearing Crocs, but took the sting out of it by thanking Justin Bieber all the same. It is reminiscent of the time that her husband, soccer pro David Beckham, was tricked into singing the pop anthem “Wannabe” on The Late Late Show with James Corden. At the time, she laughed it off and said he “always” wanted to be part of the Spice Girls. Didn’t we all?

Justin Bieber probably doesn’t mind taking on a little shade from the likes of Victoria Beckham. He is notorious for singling out a celebrity or two. Have we already forgotten about his ode to Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall? Blasphemy, I tell you. What about last year, when he challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA fight as a joke? I would have paid good money to see that one.

If he responds to the current shade at all, let’s hope Justin Bieber thinks twice before challenging Victoria Beckham to a faux fight. I’m sure Posh Spice would show up and win with her death glare alone. Truthfully, I would watch anyone of any celeb status in a boxing match, if only they were required to wear these lavender Croc creations.

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