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Big Brother 23's Whitney Williams Talks Pros And Cons Of Dating Xavier IRL, And Why She's Not Worried About Azah's Crush

Big Brother Season 23's Whitney Williams left the game with her head held high, and possibly a future romance. Whitney made it clear both on the live feeds and in episodes that she wanted a showmance with fellow Houseguest Xavier Prather, but the two didn't really get a chance to make it happen.

At least, that's what we thought, as Whitney Williams told me in her post-eviction interview that she and Xavier Prather did indeed talk about dating outside of the house. Whitney shared the details of the tentative first date she and Xavier planned for when the game is over, provided that's still something he wants.

We had a lot of those conversations where we talked about whenever we go on our first date he really wants to take me to a basketball game and then we’ll probably go out to a bar from there. And then if we went on another date we would go to a haunted house and we’ll get pumpkins and decorate pumpkins together. We had a lot of conversations about what we would be like outside the house together. So I do think that there is potential, but I also know that he is an overthinker, and he’s an over-analyzer and he’s very cautious.

Xavier Prather knew that a showmance with Whitney Williams would endanger his game, as well as that it wouldn't work with the overall plan to bring The Cookout (Xavier, Azah Awasum, Tiffany Mitchell, Hannah Chaddha, Derek Frazier, and Kyland Young) to the Final 6 of Big Brother. With that said, Whitney confirmed he did show interest in a romance after the show, and it looks like we may be seeing the two out and about whenever Xavier is out of the game.

Whitney Williams said a lot of positive things about the potential romance with Xavier Prather but did confess there was one hangup on whether or not the two's romance could fully develop. It's obviously a hurdle they'll have to address, provided the two get to the point they actually date.

I think the fact that I already have two children that’s something that he isn’t – I don’t know how to word this – he wants to start his own family from scratch. That was a big reason for him being cautious with me because I already have my own [kids]. I do see it happening potentially outside the house but a lot can change in the next two months with him. Maybe he’ll be in a showmance with somebody by then. Maybe his feelings toward me will change, who knows.

Whitney Williams is prepared for any number of things that may change Xavier's mind about dating her throughout the course of Big Brother, likely because she's a superfan. After all, who can forget in Season 21 when Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone professed their love for each other, and then Nick went on to have a relationship with Kathryn Dunn in the jury house? Of course, Xavier only really flirted with Whitney in the Big Brother house, and there's another interested party hoping to also start a showmance with him.

Azah Awasum confessed to Big Brother fans and even Xavier Prather that she had a crush on him, but I think many were surprised when she also confessed it to Whitney Williams in her post-eviction goodbye message. Whitney shared with me why she's not worried about a relationship blooming between Xavier and Azah, as well as her reaction to the news.

I don’t see him having those feelings towards Azah, just from the way that they interacted with each other I don’t see that happening. Honestly when she told me [in the goodbye message] I was like ‘Well yeah go figure it’s X,’ like, how do you not have a crush on him? I’d be surprised if she didn’t have a crush on X. It makes sense, I completely understand. I feel a little bit bad because he and I were extremely cuddly and friendly together especially over the last week and a half. I feel a little bit bad that she had to be around that so much now knowing she has a crush on him, but yeah. I will be tuning into the live feeds with a little bit of jealousy I’m sure.

Yes, unlike Brandon "Frenchie" French, Whitney Williams confirmed to me that she will continue to watch Big Brother and be glued to the live feeds despite her eviction. She also revealed she's a part of the online subreddit for the show, so one will expect she'll be on top of any and all developments about the game as they come. It seems rather obvious that she'll be pulling for Xavier Prather to win it all despite her wish for a woman to take home the grand prize, and probably keeping a close eye on all of Xavier's moves in general.

Big Brother airs on CBS Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. There are always plenty of things to talk about concerning the game, so drop by CinemaBlend often for updates on what's happening in the house and who may be blowing up their game with bad decisions.

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