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This Is Us Creator Clarifies A Season 6 Reveal After Fan Confusion

Justin Hartley as Kevin Pearson, Chrissy Metz as Kate Pearson, Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson and Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson in This Is Us.

The sixth and final season of This Is Us won’t be premiering on NBC until sometime early next year as part of the network's midseason lineup, but that isn’t stopping creator Dan Fogelman from dropping hints about what the Pearsons will be getting into when the drama returns. Following a post regarding the first episode of Season 6, Fogelman took a moment to clear up some confusion that fans were facing.

Dan Fogelman recently shared on Twitter that the script for the first episode of This Is Us' final season was officially wrapped, with an image that depicted the premiere's title as a bunch of symbols and punctuation marks that usually indicate a curse word is being spoken. Fans didn’t know what to make of it initially, not knowing whether it was meant to be censored text for explicit reasons, or because Fogelman was attempting to keep fans from knowing what the actual title is. Soon after, though, he took to Twitter to clarify that he just didn’t want to spoil anything:

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Even before This Is Us gets busy filming its final season, its creator is already causing a stir within the fanbase. But just what could that word be that Dan Fogelman censored out of his post? It’s hard to tell, considering we have no concrete way of knowing where the storylines will go next to set up everyone's final arcs. There is still so much more story to tell in a short amount of time, especially with what the flash-forwards showed fans at the end of Season 5.

While a midseason premiere for the final season of This Is Us seems like a long ways away, it will air in a mostly uninterrupted fashion after it debuts in 2022. After all of the breaks that fans had to deal with during Season 5 due to COVID-related delays, a longer wait for the final season is going to be worth it if it means that we’ll be consistently watching the Pearsons on a largely weekly basis until the finale. Let the speculation start over what that premiere title could actually be.

There are a lot of questions that fans have after Season 5's conclusion, but rest assured that Dan Fogelman promised there will be resolution in the final season. The Emmy-winning series is going to come to an emotional end and fans will have to say goodbye to the Pearsons sometime next year, hopefully after everything comes full circle and we find out what brings the characters to those flash-forward sequences. So far, there is no premiere date for Season 6, nor is there a finale date, but you can bet that NBC will be promoting the heck out of things once a start date is locked down. Perhaps we'll even hear about a new spinoff at that time, though for right now, fans will just have to focus on what could possibly [expletive] happen in the final season.

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