Full House’s John Stamos Knew Elizabeth Olsen When She Was Little. Now She's All Grown Up And He's Watching Her On WandaVision

When Elizabeth Olsen hit the Marvel scene as Wanda Maximoff in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, it took some people a while to realize that her big sisters are famous twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. With the twins on Full House, the Marvel star was on set from time-to-time and came to know much of the cast, including John Stamos. Now Stamos is speaking out about the younger Olsen he’s known since she was a “tiny little girl.”

John Stamos recently spoke to Insider about Elizabeth Olsen’s success following the release of her Disney+ series WandaVision. With the Olsen twins being on Full House, it’s not a surprise that Stamos has known the WandaVision star for practically her entire life. Stamos brought up just how long he’s known her for and praised her for all the work the Olsen siblings in general have been able to accomplish.

I've seen her in a couple of things now. I knew her when she was a tiny little girl. It's remarkable what they've all done.

The Big Shot actor has praised the Marvel star before. He congratulated her on social media when WandaVision came out and even shared a throwback photo of the two of them, which was absolutely adorable. While John Stamos' comments indicate he may not be a major Marvel fan, he did admit to watching the Emmy-nominated series for Elizabeth Olsen and praised her performance that earned her an Emmy nod:

I watched a little bit of Mary-Kate's sister on there. It was really cool. She was incredible.

Elizabeth Olsen is just a few years younger than her famous twin sisters, meaning up until she was six her sisters were on Full House. Appearing in a couple of episodes, Olsen spent much of her childhood on set and watching her sisters work. Last year, she compared filming WandaVision to Full House because of the live audience tapings and it brought her back to when her sisters were on the popular sitcom. John Stamos has previously congratulated Olsen on her Disney+ gig, sharing a sweet post that included an image, as well.

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It’s unknown whether or not John Stamos is still close to Elizabeth Olsen these days. Since her sisters didn’t appear on Fuller House, some fans were hoping that she would be the one to step into Michelle’s shoes. Still, with Stamos and Olsen both having Disney+ shows, it’s possible they’ve at least come in contact with each other. Plus, it’s great seeing Stamos talk so highly of Olsen, as she’s moved forward and been able to step out of her sisters’ shadows and come into her own as an actress. Hopefully one of these days the two will reunite, and maybe even recreate that throwback photo.

Both WandaVision and Big Shot are streaming now on Disney+! Check out our fall 2021 TV schedule to see what shows to look forward to before the year comes to an end.

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