How Filming WandaVision Reminded Elizabeth Olsen Of Her Olsen Twin Sisters On Full House

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(Image credit: disney+ press)
(Image credit: disney+ press)

When one thinks about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one isn't usually conjuring up imagery of Bob Saget's cleanliness or Dave Coulier's Bullwinkle impressions. But there were moments during the production of Disney+'s upcoming WandaVision where star Elizabeth Olsen's mind did indeed turn to Full House and her twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. And no, not because co-star Paul Bettany was wearing his hair in pigtails, as wonderful and mostly impossible as that would be.

WandaVision looks to be quite a surreal genre-bender of a series, especially for Marvel, and its visual aesthetic will pay homage to various decades of TV comedies, from black-and-white '60s classics like Bewitched to hits from the '80s and '90s like Family Ties and, you guessed it, Full House. The Disney+ series even went so far as to film some of those scenes in front of live audiences to specifically mimic the sitcom vibe, which is really what gave Elizabeth Olsen flashbacks to watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle Tanner. Here's how the actress put it to EW while laughing:

It was insanity. There was something very meta for my own life because I would visit those tapings as a kid, where my sisters were working [on Full House].

Elizabeth Olsen, who actually did make a quick appearance in the Full House series finale, is definitely not known for cheery TV comedies. Having broken out in 2011's cult drama Martha Marcy May Marlene and the psychological horror Silent House, Olsen went on to star in other dark features such as Oldboy, Wind River, Godzilla and more. Even her work in Marvel blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War and the Avengers sequels was played far more for emotional drama than sitcom levity. So it will be quite interesting to see how well adapted she and Paul Bettany are during those comedy-infused sequences.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen basically grew up as TV and movie mainstays, which has a lot to do with their early retirement from acting. The pair didn't even make any highly yearned-for appearances within Netflix's Fuller House, despite so many other Full House stars opting to return. As such, there are very little to below-zero chances that they would make appearances during WandaVision to bring things around full circle, but I can wish, can't I?

It sounds like the two actors did indeed have a good time bringing WandaVision to life in front of live audiences. Here's how Paul Bettany put it:

We were all so high by the end of it, we wanted to keep on running the show. Maybe take it out on tour or something. WandaVision on ice.

Now there's a Season 2 idea if I've ever heard one. (And I haven't.) It doesn't seem like this project, or any of the other MCU TV series, is being geared to go for more than one season, though it's certainly a possibility, especially if fans go bonkers for the seasons that do get released. I guess it all depends on how Scarlet Witch and Vision fare against the series' big bad at the end of the House of M-fueled season. If they get turned into professional ice skaters, though, then you can bet an ice-capades announcement is on the way. Just don't bring in any horse-riding stunts, since that's how Michelle got amnesia in the Full House finale.

For those who missed the head-scratching first trailer for WandaVision, you can check it out below!

With a concrete release date still not set in stone, WandaVision will hit Disney+'s library in December 2020. While waiting to hear more, head to our 2020 Fall TV premiere schedule to stay up to date on all the latest debuts hitting the small screen.

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