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Elliot Page Offers Umbrella Academy Season 3 Update As Co-Star David Castañeda Lands New TV Show

Depending on how you look at it, it's either been just over twelve months or more than 50 years since The Umbrella Academy's core squad tried to reverse JFK's assassination in Season 2. Given all things COVID-related, the long wait for Season 3 was somewhat expected, but news about the upcoming season has been sporadic at best. Thankfully, star Elliot Page dropped a pretty major update that could indicate when we might see new episodes. And it looks like co-star David Castañeda has signed on for a new streaming TV show, so what does that mean?

Elliot Page's Umbrella Academy Season 3 Update

For everyone who can't wait to get back into wacky adventures with both the old school Hargreeves squad and the finale-revealed Team Sparrow Academy and all of those cast additions, take some comfort in knowing that Season 3 is quite possibly on the cusp of wrapping up the filming stages of the production. Here's what Elliot Page had to say, which admittedly isn't overflowing by way of details:

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C'mon, Elliot! At least give us a cap logo or some T-shirt imagery that probably doesn't have anything to do with The Umbrella Academy's third season, but can still be used as mindless speculation! This is all we have to survive on in these desperate times! Okay, so maybe it's not quite that dire just yet, since there's no lack of superhero action both on the small screen and in theaters.

Of course, it's entirely possible that just because Elliot Page will soon be finished with his time filming The Umbrella Academy Season 3, that doesn't mean every other cast member will also be done when Page will. There might be a particularly complicated scene being saved for last that doesn't involve Vanya. Or perhaps Page's character doesn't make it to the end of the season alive. Which, by all means, is the same kind of fate that could explain this next bit.

David Castañeda Has Joined Another TV Show

While David Castañeda hasn't offered fans any updates about Season 3 in the immediate past, the actor did find himself another starring role on a heightened streaming drama. In this case, we're talking about Emmy-nominated short-form thriller The Most Dangerous Game, which was formerly a Quibi original series before the company folded and sold its IP to Roku. The Most Dangerous Game joins the previously renewed Reno 911 and Die Hart within Roku's now-growing lineup of exclusive content, with Castañeda joining Season 1 co-star Christoph Waltz in a lead role, with Liam Hemsworth having starred in the prior season.

Like the story its name is derived from, The Most Dangerous Game features Christoph Waltz's dubious Miles Sellers giving someone a chance to secure riches if they're able to survive a day of being hunted down. According to Roku's announcement, Season 2 will feature David Castañeda as a hard-luck fighter named Victor Suero, whose brotherly instincts kick in hardcore when he finds out his sister is in trouble. As one probably guessed, Victor will be the one agreeing to Miles' cold-blooded offer, although one can probably also assume that creator Nick Santora will find ways to subvert expectations to keep things interesting in Season 2. The first change viewers can expect is for the action to shift from Detroit to New York City.

It's unclear at this point whether Roku will keep The Most Dangerous Game as a short-form series, or the company plans to expand the episodic runtimes for Season 2. Considering David Castañeda is a busy actor on the film side of things as well as the streaming TV side, Umbrella Academy fans should start hoping for the shortest season possible, at least for the sake of Diego Hargreeves' chances of surviving to Season 4 and beyond.

Will we get to see The Umbrella Academy Season 3 by Spring 2022? Will Elliot Page and David Castañeda's characters survive the introduction of the Sparrow Academy? Will Colm Feore's extraterrestrial Reginald Hargreeves ever remember his alt-timeline children? As it went with Season 2, we'll just have to give it some time before we find out. In the meanTIME, check out all the awesome 2021 Fall TV shows popping up in the coming months.

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