Netflix's You Season 3 Premiere Date Revealed In New Video With Heavy Dexter Vibes

Netflix has announced a release date for Season 3 of the murderous You starring Penn Badgley, and thankfully fans won't have to wait much longer to see where the drama picks up for Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn, as it's been over a year since Season 2 came out. Season 3 of the stalker drama will be released on Friday, October 15, and the first promo seen above is giving us serious Dexter vibes, and not only from the "serial killer doing normal everyday things with a clean aesthetic" similarities to the former series opening creidts.

Viewers had to spend all of 2020 wondering what would come of Joe Goldberg after the revelation that our narrator seems to have finally met his match in Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn. As it was revealed at the end of Season 2 that Love is pregnant with their child, the Season 3 teaser picks up with Joe narrating to that child about what kind of father he’ll be and if Joe will pass on his murderous ways.

In the video we hear Joe's narration, speaking to his son about what he and Love should name him. Something classic. Something literary (obviously). Something with a homicidal nod? Henry is the name that is revealed, as the cake Joe is baking reads, "Welcome Baby Henry." Anyone familiar with Dexter, the eight-season drama with a serial killer protagonist that was also based on a book series, will remember that Dexter wondered if his son Harrison would inherit his violent ways, constantly worrying that his "dark passenger" would be a burden Harrison had to bare. (And hey, Harry and Henry aren't too far off from each other.)

But Harrison only had one murderer parent. The end of You Season 2 revealed that Love Quinn was no mere victim of Joe's stalking. She herself had a murderous past, as she killed the au pair who had sexually abused her twin brother Forty when they were teenagers. She also killed Joe's ex-girlfriend Candace, who threatened to expose all of Joe's crimes, as well as Joe's neighbor Delilah.

Season 2 left a lot viewers with a lot of other questions, and it's likely we'll get to see some of those play out in Season 3 come October. What will become of Joe's neighbor, who was set up to be Joe's potential new stalking victim. Is it possible the new baby and relationship dynamic with Love will keep him from stalking someone new? And what about Delilah's sister, Ellie? Joe has kept her safe to this point, getting her out of town and funding her new life. But will she stay gone, and will she stay quiet, even knowing Love is likely behind her sister's death?

The teaser also addresses Forty's death, and that Love's mother is referring to the new baby as "Forty reincarnated." There's no way that the Quinns' grief over Forty's death won't come into play in Season 3.

Netflix previously announced that You Season 3, like the two seasons before it, will be 10 episodes. The new season will also feature some new characters, as Travis Van Winkle, Scott Speedman and Shalita Grant join the cast. While we wait for You Season 3 to be released, you can catch up on the first two seasons streaming on Netflix, and be sure to check out our 2021 Fall TV Schedule for the premiere dates of all your favorite shows.

Heidi Venable
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