New Allegations Say Kanye West Cheated On Kim Kardashian During Marriage, And It May Be Referenced On Donda

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The marriage of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West always seemed like a match made in monochrome neutral heaven. Keeping Up with the Kardashians thrived for 20 seasons off relationship drama, and West has never been shy to controversy himself. But after nearly seven years and four kids, Kardashian filed for divorce in February. New allegations have since come to light insinuating that West cheated during their marriage and, supposedly, he confirms it on his new Donda album.

After much delay and a lot of listening parties, Kanye West released his tenth studio album Donda on August 29. An inside source for Page Six allegedly confirms that one of its tracks, “Hurricane,” is about West’s supposed cheating during his marriage to Kim Kardashian. They said,

The song is in a way his testimony of everything he did wrong and taking accountability for their marriage breakdown.

However, neither Kim Kardashian nor Kanye West has ever publicly confirmed that cheating took place in their marriage. Apart from subtle references on Donda, West has actually been rather quiet about their issues and pending divorce. Kardashian shared in the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashian how she felt disconnected to her husband due to him taking up residence in Wyoming and their lack of shared interests. But at the show’s reunion special, she only commented that a “difference of opinions” resulted in her filing for divorce.

Now, it is uncertain whether Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s “difference of opinions” concerns cheating in a marriage. But West’s own words for “Hurricane” on the Donda album paint a damning picture depending on how one interprets them. The lyrics include,

Here I go actin’ too rich / Here I go with a new chick / And I know what the truth is / Still playin’ after two kids / It’s a lot to digest when your life always movin’.

If we are to take the Donda lyrics literally, then Kanye West was seemingly referring to the period after his first two kids, North and Saint, were born in 2015. The speculation is that West cheated at that time, but Kim Kardashian didn't pull the plug on their marriage then. However, West saying he was “still playin’” isn't necessarily an admission of guilt and could be referencing a number of things.

There is no denying, though, that Donda is littered with references to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's marriage. Many thought Kardashian might feel awkward in the face of them at the public listening parties she attended, but supposedly, she had creative input on the album. What is more, she participated in the spectacle of promoting it by wearing a wedding gown to one of the events.

Clearly, a lot of dynamics are at play in the intersection between Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and the Donda album. But none are greater than the prospect of it all just being for publicity to thwart Drake’s Certified Lover Boy album. Either way, the drama just seems to keep unfolding.

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