ESPN Reporter Todd McShay Announces He's Stepping Away After Sideline Report Raised Concern On Social Media

ESPN has introduced a number of prime talents over the years that have become staples of the sports network. And as a result, many have endeared themselves to audiences. Todd McShay is one of those personalities, as the TV analyst has become a trusted source when it comes to the network’s football coverage. Unfortunately, one of McShay’s recent sideline reports left viewers somewhat concerned about his personal health. Now, he’s announced that he’ll be stepping away from work for a while.

This past Saturday, Todd McShay was covering the Alabama/Miami game for ESPN and, during a sideline report in the second quarter, he seemed sluggish and a bit disoriented. Many immediately took to social media to question what was happening with the longtime journalist.

Todd McShay announced today (via Twitter) that he would be taking some time off from work. In the statement, he also explained his reason for doing so:

I am going to take some time away to focus on my health and my family. Thank you ESPN for being so supportive and for all the well wishes - I can’t wait to be back on the sidelines soon.

What makes fans even more worried about the situation is that this isn’t the first time the commentator has had a health emergency during a game. Last year, an undisclosed illness forced him to leave the field during the Wisconsin-Northwestern game. He would, however, return to his duties the following weekend.

Todd McShay originally joined ESPN back in 2006, serving as a football analyst and covering college football prospects. Today, he appears on programs like SportsCenter and even does work on ESPN Radio.

Aside from being a key true talent for ESPN, he also provides a sense of continuity for the entertainment outlet. This has become incredibly important in recent years, as the company has seen massive shifts with its on-air talents. This year alone saw the departure of longtime anchor Kenny Mayne, whose exit was reportedly “a salary cap casualty.” Earlier this year, commentator and former NBA player Paul Pierce was ousted due to a racy, viral video. More recently, Maria Taylor also departed following the expiration of her contract and a situation involving co-worker Rachel Nichols.

Sports networks have seen a bit of a slump in ratings over the past year. With this, it behooves entities like ESPN to ensure that they have top-tier talent handling coverage.

As of this writing, there’s no indication as to when fans might be able to see Todd McShay back in action. His field work will certainly be missed by football fans who love to hear his keen insight, yet it’s good to know ESPN is giving him the personal time he needs. We wish him the best during his time off.

Erik Swann
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