Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Who Will Probably Be Evicted Week 9

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Wednesday, September 8th. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 23 is winding down, but the game has arrived at a most exciting stage. Viewers will get not one but two evictions back to back, and Alyssa Lopez's veto win put Tiffany Mitchell in a really tough position. Now Claire Rehfess and Xavier Prather are on the block, and one of them has to go home.

So, will Tiffany betray the person she's closest to in the house or will she betray The Cookout alliance? There's truthfully an advantage for her when it comes to both evictions, but before we get into all that, let's talk about who will probably leave the house on Thursday. Of course, we'll also run through what others may also leave as part of the double eviction.

Claire and Kyland in the kitchen Big Brother CBS

Claire Rehfuss Will Probably Be Evicted In Week 9

As close as Claire Rehfuss is to Tiffany Mitchell, The Cookout agreement demands that she be the one to leave the house this week. This was exactly why The Cookout agreed to originally throw the Head of Household to Azah Awasum, even thoughTiffany refused to throw and took her second HOH. Now she's being forced to take Claire out rather than one of the other Cookout members, but there are few in her alliance that feel bad about that. That's why there was a plan in place, and Tiffany knew the risk when she won the HOH. Sure, there's a chance the house could shockingly flip and send out Xavier Prather, but I'd say there's a less than 1% chance of that happening at the moment.

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Who Else Will Be Evicted In The Double Eviction?

Big Brother will, of course, say goodbye to another Houseguest on Thursday by way of the second eviction. Right now, there are a few possibilities for who could leave that night, with the most obvious being Alyssa Lopez. She'd be the final non-Cookout member in the house following Claire's hypothetical exit, and if Azah Awasum, Hannah Chaddha, or Kyland Young win the Head of Household, that's 100% who will be going, at least assuming Alyssa doesn't win the veto.

With that being said, Xavier Prather and Derek Frazier have contemplated betraying The Cookout in the double. Essentially, they've considered that an alliance with Alyssa Lopez could be best for their game going forward, especially if Derek can pull Azah Awasum over to make it a four-person alliance. Should Alyssa win Head of Household, or even Xavier and Derek, they'd have one goal in mind in taking Tiffany Mitchell out of the house, which would be a huge game move.

Of course, it's one thing to talk about a big game move and another to actually do it. Derek F has yet to actually win a competition, and Xavier has been throwing competitions left and right. I can't help but think the pair really would prefer if Alyssa won and just eliminated Tiffany to keep the blood off both their hands. That's especially true for Xavier; if he won, the HOH would need to hope against all hope that he wins veto, as he'd be ineligible to win HOH and would have at least 3 members of The Cookout gunning for him the following week for his betrayal. To sum it all up, there could be some major chaos on Thursday, but that's what Big Brother fans love, right?

Big Brother airs on CBS Thursday, September 9th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep with CinemaBlend for all updates happening in the house, such as the recent possible romantic encounter between two Houseguests.

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