Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Are Two Unexpected Houseguests Actually Hooking Up?

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Tuesday, September 7th. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 23 has been full of great strategy and gameplay, but other elements of the season have been rather tame. For example, there hasn't been a blowout fight between Houseguests, and in terms of on-camera hookups, even the confirmed showmances kept most everything off-camera. Well, that was the case anyway, right up until what fans think is the most unexpected hookup of the season between Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell.

Yes, you read that right, Big Brother fans. There is widespread speculation that Tiffany and Kyland hooked up. The moment in question happened over the weekend, during Tiffany's second Head of Household reign, when Kyland joined her in the bedroom. The two laid in bed spooning for a while, but fans spotted some odd movement beneath the sheets coupled with some heavy breathing from Tiffany. Take a look at the video below, which doesn't feature nudity, but could be considered NSFW all the same.

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There has been plenty of debate as to what happened here, though it does seem to many Big Brother fans something sexual in nature went down. The prevailing theory, at the moment, is that because Kyland's right hand was not visible, it seems like the two got to "third base," as it's called. Other theories are that the deed that happened was more of a solo operation, and Kyland was just there for moral support and understood what was going on.

Whatever went down, the fact that Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell were spooning alone in the HOH room was shocking to many Big Brother fans. After all, Tiffany has expressed to many Houseguests her disdain for some of Kyland's personality traits and has roasted him in the televised Diary Room sessions, as well. Now, the two may be one of the only on-screen hookups of Season 23? How did it get to this?

It's possible that the biggest wedge between Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell was Sarah Beth Steagall. Sarah Beth had been Kyland's cuddle buddy throughout a majority of the game, and the only person Tiffany disparaged more to other Houseguests than Kyland was Sarah Beth. Perhaps there was a tinge of jealousy there, and once Sarah Beth left, Tiffany decided to make her move?

The truth of the matter is we really don't know what happened between Tiffany and Kyland that fateful night in the Head of Household, and I doubt Big Brother will broadcast that bedroom moment on television. Still, if there is any spark of romance between the 30-year-old Kyland and 41-year-old Tiffany, this bedroom encounter may not be the only time it happens. We'll have to wait and see...or maybe just read about it while other people watch.

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