90 Day Fiancé's Charlie Potthast Went Off On Family Following Wife's Appearance On Bares All Spinoff

Charlie Potthast in 90 Day Fiance TLC

Andrei and Libby Castravet's strained relationship with her family has been a long-running storyline in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, but recently it finally seemed like Andrei had won over some members of the Potthast family. Unfortunately, Andrei's relationship with Chuck Potthast only made Libby's relationship tenser with her sisters and somehow made the tension between Andrei and Chuck's son Charlie Potthast even worse than in prior years. Ultimately, many in Libby's family began to acknowledge Chuck as a big part of the problem, and it would seem tensions between Charlie and his family are still running high.

The latest drama came after Charlie Potthast's wife, Megan Potthast, appeared on 90 Day Bares All and talked about her career on OnlyFans, in which she posts and shares nude photos of herself with subscribers. Megan caught some flak on the program from Libby Castravet and her sisters plus Andrei Castravet, who called her "broke" and a "porno star." Charlie saw the episode and blasted his family in a since-deleted Instagram Live (via Reddit) video for their comments about his wife.

So I just have a few thoughts on 90 Day Fiancé Bares All. I just watched it. [shrugs] It was all women, bro. Where were the men at? It was all women, no men on there, bro. You could say Andrei was a man but, bro, he should be wearing a dress just like everyone else. Like you're up there talking shit to my wife like that, bro? What man talks to a woman like that? Only a weak, insecure, bitch-ass.

Charlie Potthast was upset about how his family treated his wife Megan on 90 Day Bares All, and he's not the only one. Many fans have pointed out that both Andrei and Libby Castravet also have OnlyFans accounts, so the critique of Charlie's wife was a bit odd. Potthast didn't mention that in his video but did take a brief pause in the discussion to address fans and dismiss their allegations that he didn't step up to Andrei at the Happily Ever After? tell-all as "cap," which is new slang for lies.

Charlie eventually circled back to the 90 Day Bares All appearance but went on to address his sisters, as well as his father, Chuck Potthast, then shifted gears and gave a small update on his current status with the family.

Jenn, Becky, Libby, all them, what did Megan do to y'all, bro? Honestly, what did she do to y'all? Literally, answer that question. . . All y'all are thirsty fucking dragons, that's it, bro. And my dad's the same way, sad to say. Every time I see him he's like 'Bro, look at this lady that hit me up on Instagram. Look at this lady that hit me up on Facebook, bro.' Meanwhile, we can't even go to family functions because he let my family cancel us, bro. And he's cool with that. Sad, bro.

Apparently, nothing has changed since the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tell-all about Charlie Potthast's standing with his family. He's still not allowed at family functions, though it does appear that he gets to see his father, given the comments about his social media. It would seem Charlie is no closer to rebuilding his bonds with his sisters or brother-in-law, which makes me wonder if this family will ever find some peaceful relationship.

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