Why Steve Harvey Was Sus About Michael B. Jordan When Actor First Started Dating Lori Harvey

Steve Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey is many things. He’s an iconic comedian, a beloved TV host, and a successful author. Of course, he’s also a proud dad, who seems to take quite an interest in the lives of his children. So it probably comes as no surprise to his fans that he’s shared a number of thoughts on daughter Lori Harvey’s boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan. Since the two went Instagram official back in January, Harvey hasn’t been too brutal when speaking about Jordan, but he has been honest. Now, he’s opened up about why he was somewhat suspicious of the actor when he first met him.

Whether you’re an average joe or an A-List celebrity, meeting your partner’s parents can be a nerve-wracking experience. It would seem, however, that Michael B. Jordan passed that first test with flying colors. As a matter of fact, he did so well that Steve Harvey couldn’t help but question if his personality was genuine:

I’ve talked with him, Marjorie knows his mom, they talk. This guy is is not a representative. He is genuinely who he who he looks like he is. And he's- I mean, like, it threw me off at first, because he was so kind. You know, I figure, 'OK, this is the game right?' But it wasn't, man, this dude was sincere and he's proven to be a really, really good, good guy. I’m pulling for him, you know, for them.

Despite his success (which now includes the title of Sexiest Man Alive), Michael B. Jordan, to many, appears to be a pretty grounded person. This is a quality that can endear celebrities to their fans and, in this case, it appears to have been the key to winning over his girlfriend’s folks. The pleasant meeting was sure to be a relief for Lori Harvey, who seems to be more than infatuated with her famous beau.

The couple has seemingly been inseparable over the course of the year, and social media has been filled with some of their most adorable moments. But Hollywood romances can have their fair share of ups and downs. This is a point Steve Harvey went on to discuss during his interview with ET Online:

I mean, look man, being in a relationship in Hollywood is hard. It's really, really hard, there are so many traps and pitfalls in it. Especially the younger you are. It's hard if you old. But when you young, it's really, really tough, but they're doing well.

So why are Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan so good for each other? Well, according to Harvey, she views her boyfriend as someone who’s “trustworthy and reliable” and can serve as a “foundation.” She also explained that while they do have a significant social media presence, they apparently strive to be diligent about what they do and do not share online.

If things keep going this well, one might start to think that wedding bells could be ringing at some point in the future. And based on Steve Harvey’s comments, he’d probably be happy to have Michael B. Jordan as a part of his family. Jordan wouldn’t be a bad fit, especially when you consider that he’s already drawing comparisons to Harvey in the mustache department.

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