The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Kim Kardashian’s Kid North West Roasting Her Over Her Fake Influencer Voice

While the Kardashian and Jenner social medias can be carefully curated and product-driven, they can also be candid and share insights into the lives of the clan, proving multiple things can be true at once. Such happened this week when Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to share a look at some new makeup products, during which her daughter North hilariously roasted her. This isn't the first time North has gotten involved with mom's social media content, either.

Kim Kardashian had some new contour products and more to share with her fans this week, but she got more than she bargained for when she did a quick video with her kid North and her sister Kourtney and Scott Disick’s daughter Penelope around. Apparently, they both think the former Keeping up with the Kardashians star gets a little sing-songy whilst talking to her followers.

North: Why do you talk different?Kim: Why do I talk different for what?North: For your videos.Kim: For my videos? I’m the same person human being. I don’t talk different. How do I talk different? Guys, do you think I talk different when I’m talking contour?Penelope: Yeah.Kim: You do too, Penelope! How do I talk?North: (Falsetto whiny voice) Guys, so today I got this new mask and this new bronzerrrr. I got this.

Though Instagram Stories disappears rather quickly, the Internet is great at making sure moments like these remain online in perpetuity and you can check out North’s mocking voice below.

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Kim’s fans who did catch the exchange on Instagram had plenty to say, including one fan who aptly noted, “Whew! North West keeps her foot on Kim Kardashian’s neck.” Another brought in the fact North West is definitely Kanye’s kid, noting on Twitter,” If that ain’t Ye’s first born, I don’t know who is lol.” In fact, those not focusing on North’s funny reaction and way of saying “bronzerrrr” also got a big kick out of Kim Kardashian calling Penelope out and getting the following reaction:

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The whole exchange was also celebrated with a few choice comparisons as well.

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The exchange was both amusing and adorable and apparently even Kim Kardashian thought the fan reactions to the kids totally jumping into her makeup promotion was fun. She also shared a collage of some of the best responses she enjoyed on her own Story page.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Stories Take On North West Calling Her Fake

To note though, this isn’t the first time North West has gotten a little snarky with her Mama. Earlier this summer, the middle Kardashian sister was promoting Olivia Rodrigo’s new album when North was also seen on camera making fun of her mom after she claimed to love “drivers license” from Rodrigo’s album Sour. According to North, Kim Kardashian is full of it and claimed on camera “you never listen to it.” Another time she jumped into her mom's social distancing PSA to make things more difficult as well. This time around the ribbing was seemingly a little more good-natured, so it’s no wonder the Internet latched onto it. One thing's for certain, if you’re ever around North IRL, make sure you talk as normally as possible.

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