Chrissy Teigen Just Posted Quite The Awkward And Unflattering Photo (To Prove A Point)

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen may just be one of the most forthcoming celebrities in Hollywood. She consistently speaks her mind and is typically unapologetic (unless she's truly in the wrong), and she doesn't hesitate to talk about subjects that could still be considered taboo. She famously lives her life the way she sees fit, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans that she just posted an awkward photo in celebration of not caring what the public thinks about her looks.

In her most recent Instagram post, Chrissy Teigen explained that her recent social media posts have been under fire, and she wants to make it clear that her photos don’t have to be perfect. Check out her post below, in which the TV personality says the way she portrays herself on social media will be a reflection of the fact that she is “a mess” and “chaotic”:

A photo posted by on

While the photo that accompanies her reflective caption certainly is not a wild or unattractive one, it is a real one. In fact, it looks as if she just posted a candid photo someone took while she was in the middle of blinking. The Lip Sync Battle co-host seems to be giving her followers the impression that this is what she would look like if they were to run into her out in public.

Most celebrities have teams of people that help them maintain their seemingly pristine appearances, particularly when it comes to public events and even social media posts. As a result, celebrities sometimes don’t even seem like real people living real lives. In reality, though, they wake up with eye crusties and dried drool on their faces just like the rest of us. Clearly, Chrissy Teigen isn’t one to shy away from looking like a real person, even though she can certainly clean up nicely and look like an actual goddess in the process.

While a lot of celebrities would not be so bold in posting a less-than-perfect photo of themselves, it's understandable as to why Chrissy Teigen is so comfortable with doing so. even though she’s had her own body image issues in the past. Not only has she built confidence, but she also has a supportive husband in John Legend. There's also the fact that she has an extensive fanbase that has consistently supported her, even at her lowest points. Admittedly, if I were in her position, I’d also be feeling pretty confident in who I was and propelled to be my true self on social media, too.

On top of everything else, the former model seems to be aging gracefully and loving every minute of it. Since her days on the runway, her body has housed and given birth to three children and, as a result, it's changed over the years. Some women can honestly be haunted by the changes their bodies go through. This makes Chrissy Teigen’s post and her point about having confidence in who you are in the moment, however unflattering, that much more important.

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