Love it or love it less, one has to admit that The Walking Dead has seen its share of ups and downs in the plot development department. (Some days, I still feel like I’m at Hershel’s farm.) But I have little doubt that Season 6 is going to be the show’s most exciting and batshit crazy season yet, and after watching the extended trailer at Comic-Con earlier today, I’m all the more convinced. Like any good trailer, it’s left us wondering where in the hell things will go.

Such a long trailer easily brings dozens of quick questions to mind, but we’ve narrowed them down to five, and they should be the same five that are bouncing around your heads. And while one of them might be, “Why hasn’t Carl’s hair harmed him in some way yet?” that one isn’t on this list. Spoilers will follow.

the walking dead
Who’s Even on Rick’s Side Anymore?
A cursory look at the Season 6 trailer will make one think that Rick is Alexandria’s pariah and that very few people want anything to do with him. We know that he and Morgan are going to have issues with one another, seeing as how their present selves are on the opposite ends of the spectrum from their former selves, but it looks like others will see Rick in a different light as well. But will this be because everyone thinks he’s too irrational and quick to the punch, or will Deanna have something to do with turning people against him? During the Comic-Con panel, showrunner Scott Gimple did say that trailers are sometimes made to be deceiving, so perhaps not everyone is as against Rick as we assume.

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