Marvel has been accumulating a lot of talent for their upcoming Netflix shows, and now a new name has been added to the ranks of people we might see in the MCU. Earlier today on The Howard Stern Show, Secrets and Lies actor Ryan Phillippe mentioned that he is meeting with Marvel to talk about one of their Netflix series. As with everything Marvel, it’s being kept secret exactly what these discussions entail, but given Phillippe’s extensive resume, it will likely involve playing a major character.

Coming up on the Netflix side of the MCU are three more shows, the Defenders miniseries and Daredevil Season 2, giving plenty of options for places Phillippe could appear. And that’s not even taking into account what the studio may be secretly planning as we speak. Taking a look at what’s coming in the future (as well as a few guesses of directions that Netflix may eventually take), here are five characters, both heroes and villains, that Phillippe could end up playing if he strikes a deal with Marvel.

5. Leland Owlsely Jr. (A.K.A. The Real Owl)
5. Leland Owlsely Jr. (A.K.A. The Real Owl)
This one is a stretch, but could work if done properly. Periodically throughout Daredevil Season 1, Bob Gunton's Leland Owlsley mentioned that he had a son named Lee. Those who have seen Daredevil know that aside from the name, the MCU’s Owlsley hardly had anything in common with his comic book counterpart. Daredevil’s second season could remedy this by introducing Leland Jr. as the MCU’s real Owl. Obviously they wouldn’t be able to mirror his physical appearance from the comic books - Phillippe is much handsomer than the comic book Owl - but they could emphasize his fascination with those birds of prey and give him technology or special abilities that would allow him to take on the blind superhero. As realistic as Daredevil was, this is still a comic book-inspired world, so adding an owl-obsessed super villain with aspirations of controlling the underworld shouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility.

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