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9-1-1 Finally Explained What Happened To Jennifer Love Hewitt's Maddie After Her Long Absence, And What Comes Next

Maddie in 9-1-1
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the 9-1-1 episode “Boston.” Read at your own risk!

9-1-1 delivered a shocker last year when Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Maddie left Chimney and their daughter Jee behind, with a video message explaining that her postpartum depression made her a danger to Jee's safety. The following weeks delivered clues about where she went, but it wasn’t until the latest episode that we learned exactly what happened to Maddie during that time. We also saw what came after and what will come next in terms of her relationship with her husband and daughter, now that they’re finally reunited. 

The scene opened with Maddie at the ocean, with a flashback to the past 9-1-1 episode when Jee slipped underwater during her bath. We also saw past events in Maddie’s life and all of the sad memories (this show is a lot of sad scenes and tragic backstories) that sent the character into a bad place. She began to walk into the water fully clothed, with the intention to drown. She managed to survive at the last minute and decided to try and get help.

Maddie Checked Herself Into A Hospital And Got Help

Maddie found her way to a Boston (as teased by the episode title) hospital and explained that she’d had suicidal thoughts and needed help. Maddie checked in as a patient and, after a battery of tests, discovered she had a thyroid problem. The doctor believed that with treatment, she’d slowly recover from some of her feelings of sadness and greenlit her for outpatient therapy. 

Chimney Picked Up Her Trail In Boston

As Maddie began outpatient treatment, Chimney managed to track down that she set up somewhere in Boston. Chimney stayed in a friend’s basement with Jee and worked as a volunteer EMT while searching for leads on Maddie in his spare time. Meanwhile, Maddie continued treatment and eventually linked back up with him. Maddie was in a much better place, but it only took one meeting for her to realize there was still plenty of work to do. 

Maddie and Chimney Reconciled, But There’s A Long Road To Go

Maddie apologized to Chimney for missing so much time with Jee, but Chimney did most of the apologizing on 9-1-1. He realized he ignored the signs of her depression and simply believed things were fine because he wanted them to be. Maddie’s reconnecting with Jee was a bit awkward, but eventually, the tension eased when Jee called her “mama.” Maddie informed Chimney she wanted to come home, and while it seemed like the two weren’t exactly on perfect terms, both seemed willing to take this next step in order to move forward. It’s about as good of a reunion as 9-1-1 fans could realistically hope for at the moment, and hopefully, better days are ahead for Maddie and her family. 

9-1-1 airs over on Fox on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. It’s one of many returning shows worth checking out in primetime, so warm up those DVRs and be ready to record a lot of good television in the coming months. 

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