90 Day Fiancé Fan Had Surprise Encounter With Angela Deem In Vegas And Learned Some Juicy Updates

90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem isn’t being featured on the television franchise at the moment. However, one fan was lucky enough to get an update on her status anyway, thanks to a chance encounter. In Las Vegas, a couple was recently waiting at a lost and found in an attempt to retrieve a lost credit card, and they got quite the surprise when Angela showed up as well, hoping to find her lost cell phone. Ultimately, the two got to chatting with Deem and got all sorts of juicy details that fans certainly want to hear. 

Apparently, what happens in Vegas only stays there if a person isn’t a reality television star. Redditor Mapleface92 recalled running into Angela in the midst of the latter’s birthday celebration and got a picture, an offer of cash (because of their lost credit card) and a healthy conversation with the 90 Day Fiancé star. The encounter seemingly proved to be pleasant overall but, during the chat, Deem apparently shared some details regarding some cosmetic surgery plans as well:

Her and Michael are still together and waiting on his visa. She was in town for a birthday. Skyla was there too, as well as her patient coordinator from the plastic surgeon. I think she said she’s moved to LA? Got to hear all about her disdain for mother Debbie and her EX bestie JoJo. Wants another tummy tuck but looked pretty skinny. Said she gets recognized “a ton” in Vegas.

All credit to this fan because they left no stone unturned when it comes to what 90 Day Fiancé viewers want to know about the franchise alum! I’m definitely interested in more details regarding what Angela had to say about JoJo and Debbie, both of whom publicly called out Deem following a previous trip to Las Vegas. 

Angela Deem was indeed in Las Vegas over the weekend with a bunch of other cast members from the franchise. Blogger John Yates posted a photo with some of the party crew, and Angela, as well as her daughter Skyla, can be seen alongside others like Larissa Santos Lima and Kalani Faagata. Check out Yates post for yourself down below:

Unfortunately, Angela’s husband, Michael Ilesanmi, is still over in Nigeria. Deem didn’t have any meaningful updates on that front, beyond the fact efforts are still being made to get Michael to the United States, which seems to be a challenge. Hopefully, he’ll be able to join her for next year’s celebration and finally, get in on all the fun his spouse has been having while he’s been gone.

TLC just kicked off a new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days and, while Angela Deem isn’t on it, it’s off to a strong start. Hopefully, we’ll get another season that features her though, if Michael is still in Nigeria, there may not be a reason to circle back to the couple anytime soon.

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