Why Former 90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Might Actually Leave The U.S. On Her Own Following Deportation Fears

Larissa Dos Santos Lima 90 Day Fiance TLC

It's been a little over half a year since 90 Day Fiancé officially fired Larissa Dos Santos Lima after she'd participated in a live adult-oriented cam show online, and was detained by ICE for a second time in recent years. It seemed for a while that, despite her legal troubles, Larissa would be okay and finally settle into a less hectic life in America with her budding OnlyFans career. That said, a recent update from Larissa herselv has suggested that's not the case.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Larissa Dos Santos Lima hinted that her ICE troubles might actually be more problematic than she led everyone to believe when she was initially detained. While Larissa had done all she could in the past to try and stay in the U.S. when she got into legal troubles, the former 90 Day Fiancé star signaled that she might actually just leave the country on her own accord ahead of any official decisions made by American courts. In her words:

I’m still debating if I should self-deport or wait and see if the judge tells me if I have to leave...I’ve been thinking a lot with Eric…We really want to go visit other countries...We really want to spend time with my family, my kids in Brazil. I’m really looking forward to something new happening.

If Larissa Dos Santos Lima left the United States, it would end her prolonged stay that began all the way back in June 2018, which is when Colt Johnson brought her over on a K-1 visa. The TV couple's divorce was finalized in April 2019, after they'd called it quits in January that year following cops being called to their house, which ended with Larissa being charged with misdemeanor battery. After the divorce, Larissa moved on to her on-and-off-again boyfriend, Eric Nichols, and it appears they're still together now, though not so clear how that would affect her intentions to leave.

If Larissa is teasing that she may leave the United States before she's forced to, it could be due to past or present legal counsel informing her that her odds of avoiding deportation aren't very good. This wouldn't be that surprising, given her handful of arrests and past troubles with ICE prior to this latest arrest. Larissa had hoped to find a husband in order to apply for citizenship, since Colt revoked his application for her, but as far as we know, she and Eric have not tied the knot.

Should Larissa leave the United States, it would potentially close the door on any further deals with TLC and the 90 Day franchise, though the network definitely has filmed couples abroad in the past. With that said, it doesn't seem like there was any love gained between the 90 Day Fiancé star and her former network, so her exit may ultimately be of little consequence to fans in the long run. Still, it's kind of unbelievable that one of the "queens" of the franchise may actually bid farewell to the United States after all this time.

90 Day Fiancé's Season 8 tell-all begins Sunday, April 11 at 8:00 p.m. ET. It should be a fiery one for fans, though anyone hoping for new updates on the current drama between Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva could be disappointed.

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