90 Day Fiancé’s Vanessa Guerra Shares Blunt Forecast For Future With Franchise After Colt Johnson's Accident While Filming

Colt and Vanessa in 90 Day: The Single Life
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90 Day Fiancé is an ever-evolving franchise with a growing number of couples rotating in and out of the flagship and its multitude of spinoffs, though there are a number of regulars who continue to pop up with more regularity across various seasons. For instance, Colt Johnson is enjoying his third relationship within the franchise, and while his marriage with Vanessa Guerra seems better than certain points in the past, nothing seems very positive regarding their respective futures in the franchise. Vanessa recently took part in a social media Q&A and provided a blunt response when asked about their status on the TLC reality series. 

Not long into Vanessa's Q&A, a fan asked if they had plans to appear on one of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoffs in the future. Vanessa gave a short and swift answer that, while no longer available to view, was a straightforward declaration that will surely send shockwaves throughout the fandom. In her words:

I refuse to film anymore.

Vanessa dropped a real bombshell on viewers and pretty definitively said she won't be returning to 90 Day Fiancé. A follow-up question about Colt's potential to continue filming resulted in an even shorter response, even if it had slightly more optimism behind it.


Why would Vanessa be completely out on filming, but Colt's status is only unlikely? It's possible that she didn't want to speak on her husband's behalf, which is understandable. It's also possible that while Vanessa won't be filming, we could see Colt pop up on episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life as he continues to work on his relationship with his mother, Debbie Johnson. Fans recently saw Debbie leave America to move to Canada with her boyfriend, Tony. It's clear, though, that Vanessa wants nothing more to do with the production at this point.

It doesn't seem likely Colt Johnson will be making any appearances in the 90 Day Fiancé world anytime soon, though, as he continues nursing a pretty nasty leg injury. Vanessa revealed on Instagram back in January that Colt broke his tibia and fibula and had a torn meniscus. The injury required a two-week hospitalization and three surgeries and will require weeks of physical therapy to recover. 

Given the general curtness of the responses, the possibility exists that the details behind the incident itself are what's fueling them staying away from filming. Vanessa claimed the injury occurred while filming for one of the spinoffs. 

We were filming a scene on trampolines that went terribly wrong.

Colt Johnson has been a part of some of 90 Day Fiancé's wildest storylines, but I never would've guessed this is how his run would be ending. If this really is the end of his storyline, at least we have all the drama from his failed marriage with Larissa Santos Lima and a brief relationship with Jess Caroline to look back on. And it seems like even if Colt is gone, his mother, Debbie, might still stick around! It's also possible the couple might change their minds about getting back on camera, especially once Colt is fully recovered and doing better. We'll just have to wait and see, and hoping for the best for him in the meantime.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 is currently airing on TLC, which means viewers will have to head to Discovery+ to see their favorite past moments from Colt and Vanessa. I would also advise tuning into the current airing season, however, as there's plenty of drama to make up for whatever previous cast members might be on their way out. 

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