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Why 90 Day: The Single Life's Colt And Vanessa Have Separated

Colt and Vanessa in 90 Day: The Single Life
(Image credit: Discovery+)

90 Day: The Single Life’s latest tell-all really threw some curveballs at viewers, though few were as surprising as the news that Colt Johnson and his best friend-turned-wife Vanessa Johnson were separated. While non-Discovery+ subscribers who don’t have access to the show might be taken aback by sudden troubles between the two, they may not be so surprised after learning the reason behind the two’s separation. In short, Colt’s mother, Debbie Johnson, played a heavy hand in the split. 

Vanessa Johnson revealed she’s no longer living with Colt, and the change was as recent as three weeks before the 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all special. Vanessa said she moved out due to Debbie Johnson’s constant reliance on her son, which then caused him to neglect her needs. This got especially hard when Vanessa suffered a miscarriage and added to the tension. Vanessa admitted during the tell-all that Debbie wasn’t aware the couple was even expecting at the time. During the special, she also shared her mother-in-law’s reaction to the miscarriage and how the subsequent drama impacted their relationship:

We told Debbie about it, and she was very — I mean, I know she didn't know at all that I was pregnant. We kept it from her. So, her reaction was, 'I'm sorry.' She gave me a hug. I was just very stressed about well, one, are we gonna raise [a kid] here in this house? It was just a lot of stress … so I kind of felt guilty, like maybe I did something wrong, and then I took it out on him a lot.

Colt and Vanessa weren’t living together at the time of the taping though, based on the things that were said in the 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all, the two aren’t headed to divorce just yet. Ultimately, Vanessa needs a change in the dynamic of Colt and Debbie and for her and her partner to possibly get a house of their own. It may also take some effort on Debbie’s behalf to step aside and perhaps learn to not be so reliant on her son, especially when he’s trying to start a family of his own. 

90 Day Fiancé fans are well-aware of Colt Johnson’s latest drama, as every ex he’s had in the franchise thus far pointed to problems with Debbie (who always seems to be present at the worst times). Larissa Dos Santos Lima had quite a few fights with Debbie, as did Jess Caroline. It’s worth noting though, that Vanessa also played a big factor in the collapse of those relationships and Debbie often noted that she got along with Vanessa in ways she didn’t with the other women. Time will tell if the two will resolve their issues or if this relationship goes down the same way as Colt’s other ones.

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream on Discovery+ (opens in new tab). As subscribers eagerly awaiting the next part of the tell-all, they should check out other new shows coming this season and perhaps find a new favorite to obsess over.

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