Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project And More Renewed By Fox

Early renewals have been a bit of a thing for Fox this year, with Sleepy Hollow nabbing a second season pretty early on. We’ve got a little while before the networks start rolling out pickups and renewals in full force, but on Friday Fox opted to give us a little bit of a teaser regarding what is to come. And it’s good news, people. Fox has renewed the intentional comedies New Girl, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the unintentional comedy The Following.

When getting into the details, the most exciting of these renewals should be Brooklyn Nine-Nine's. The freshman detective comedy has been discussed a lot on Cinema Blend (spoiler alert: we love it) and also managed to nab a Golden Globe for Best Comedy. However, despite getting a little love from the critics, the show hasn’t been a real ratings bringer for Fox, meaning it was closer to a bubble show than fans probably wanted to admit. Now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief when we tune in to see Jake pull ridiculous pranks on his coworkers each week.

The quirky New Girl and The Mindy Project were also renewed, keeping Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling in the limelight over at Fox. The news about The Mindy Project comes especially early, since the show has been on hiatus for a little while. The proper spring premiere doesn’t kick off until Tuesday, April 1, but will feature back-to-back episodes on the night of its return. Additionally, the Season 3 renewal order for The Mindy Project does add a little oomph to the program’s spring premiere. New Girl may not have a big spring premiere party lined up, but it does get the honor of being the oldest program to nab a renewal order out of this motley lineup. Next fall, New Girl will be returning for Season 4.

Like The Mindy Project, The Following will be back for a third season. The Kevin Bacon-starrer has done pretty well on the network, and has attracted a pretty loyal fanbase through its flashy storytelling and gifted actors. The cult-oriented drama is fast-paced and has worked really well as a midseason premiere over at Fox (especially with DVR viewers). Because in the cold winter, we’re always looking for a hearty helping of Bacon.

Renewals are always more appealing to write about than bummer cancellations, but I actually feel like I can physically breathe a sigh of relief now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed. I know there are plenty of people out there with plenty of different favorites that have not yet been renewed or cancelled, including shows like Almost Human or Rake on Fox. Hopefully, Fox will continue to churn out a few more renewal and cancellation orders over the next few weeks. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for your favorites.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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