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CSI Trailer: Grissom's Back For Stirring Series Finale Movie

15 seasons is a lot of seasons for a TV show. Rather than draw out the farewell over another 20 episodes or so, CSI is ready to take its bow in a one shot, blow out, all bets are off movie. That doesn’t mean that they’ll be skimping on all those big farewell moments though. Finales bring back fan favorite characters, and the CSI finale movie is absolutely doing that for our first look at the return of Gil Grissom.

In this TV promo, we see many of our favorites returning, and possibly some long-dormant plot threads ready to be wrapped up. The focal point is the return of the duo that started it all: William Petersen, who left the show in Season 9, and Marg Helgenberger, who hung around until Season 12 (and made a guest appearance since then). They’ll join forces with Ted Danson, who is also coming back along with most of the cast that made it to Season 15. It looks like Elisabeth Shue’s Julie Finlay may not have made it.

Overall, the cast was remarkably stable considering the show’s long run. While the leading role that Petersen started went through the hands of Laurence Fishburne before it ended up in Danson’s hands, the supporting cast has remained mostly intact, with a couple lasting the entire 15 years. Only George Eads' character of Nick Stokes, who made it through to Season 15, will not be returning. One of those who’s been there from the beginning and most of the way through the end, is Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle.

One of the items that the TV film looks to be focusing on is the personal relationship between Sidle and Grissom. While the relationship between the characters actually lasted longer than Peterson’s tenure on the show, it did eventually end, but since so much of that happened off-screen, the fans didn’t get to see it conclude. The movie looks to bring closure, one way or another. We will also apparently learn what’s going on with his bees.

The official cancellation of CSI at the end of last season was as close to a forgone conclusion as you could possible get. It had grown a little long in the tooth and simply wasn’t the ratings powerhouse it had once been. While it’s not exactly clear if a TV movie was the chosen method of exit, or the only one offered, it leaves the show with a lot of history to wrap up in a limited amount of time.

So, if you’re one of the fans who strayed away, will William Peterson bring you back for one more case? The Final CSI:, as CBS is apparently calling it, will air on September 27.

Dirk Libbey
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