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When the massively expensive sci-fi series Terra Nova was cancelled by Fox earlier this week, the show's producers made it clear they would shop the series to the networks in hopes that someone else would revive it. With the amount of money it costs to produce a show that features dinosaurs and other expensive special effects, you'd think the only people that could afford it would be a network, or at least a profitable cable channel like Syfy. But The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Netflix, of all people, has expressed interest in the show, reaffirming the company's commitment to produce original television content.

Despite being regarded generally as a disappointment-- especially with a name as flashy as Steven Spielberg's attached as a producer-- Terra Nova's ratings remained relatively steady with around 7.2 million viewers throughout its run. It would have a significant enough built-in audience to bring to Netflix, where they'll have to work hard to explain to people that they're not just your source for DVDs and streaming episodes of 30 Rock anymore. They're already committed to reviving the long-dead Fox series Arrested Development, which comes with even more die-hard fans than Terra Nova does, so by the time it's time to bring back the dinosaurs, Netflix may have already established itself as the place to go for TV you thought you wouldn't be able to see anymore.

If you've been watching Terra Nova, let us know if Netflix should be the company to revive the show.

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