Fargo Season 2 Just Added These Two Famous Names

Fargo is finally getting Season 2 off the ground. We’ve known for a while that the new season of FX’s hit event drama would follow some strong female characters and this morning the network announced that one strong woman and one well-known TV actor will be joining the second season of Noah Hawley’s drama. Kirsten Dunst and Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons will be joining the second season of the dark drama.

Today’s big announcement fleshes out a few more details related to the series. Kirsten Dunst is set to play Peggy Blomquist, a beautician with big city dreams whose shop actually happens to be in a small town. She’ll be married to a man named Ed, who will be played by Jesse Plemons. Plemons is a butcher’s assistant who spends a lot of time dealing with his troubled wife, who will be having trouble dealing with societal expectations. I’m not sure how either character will relate to overarching “true crime” premise of the show, but I can’t wait to find out.

So far, we know a lot more about Fargo’s basic Season 2 outline than its cast. We know that the show is looking more at the Coen brothers’ other film Miller’s Crossing for inspiration, rather than Fargo, which informed the first season. The series will also be a blast to the past, following a set of events that occurred in 1979 in Sioux Falls, Minnesota—the same setting featured in Fargo’s first season, just in a different decade. The show will also follow some of the same characters from Season 1, including Lou Solverson, his daughter, Molly, and Duluth policeman Ben Schmidt. Remember these guys?


Obviously, since the show is hopping back in time several decades, each of the actors are being recast, although there’s no word on who will play those characters, yet. We do know that Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson), Burn Notice actor Jeffrey Donovan and newcomer Rachel Keller are in negotiations to play other characters on the show. (Unfortunately, none of those characters happen to be any of the aforementioned ones.)

We should be hearing plenty of other casting details, soon. While FX’s Fargo isn’t expected to hit the TV schedule until next fall, production is set to begin in January, so the show needs to have all of its ducks in a row sometime before then. Filming will occur in Calgary and 10 brand new episodes will be produced for Season 2. I’m not sure how FX could possibly top a season starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton and featuring the awesome talent of Colin Hanks, Key and Peele and newcomer Allison Tolman, but Fargo is definitely off to a good start with today's big casting news.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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