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Fuller House and its TGIF predecessor have both devoted a lot of screentime to developing the romantic lives of the varied characters, living up to the promise of the show’s name. Season 1 of the Netflix revival showed us new loves, old loves and rekindled loves, and Season 2 will unsurprisingly keep that going by giving Stephanie a new romantic interest that sounds as if he was created for her in a Weird Science-ish experiment.

Casting is currently ongoing for a character named Jimmy, who is being described as a talented singer-songwriter, which means we are 100% getting a duet of some kind between these two characters at some point. (I’m hoping it’s a rap battle, but logic limits the chances of that happening.) To further highlight his musician-iness, Jimmy will also be a guy who doesn’t view life the same way as everyone else, and he’ll be “a touch on the weird side.” This sounds like the kind of person that Stephanie’s friend Gia would have totally hooked up with when they were in high school. But now it’s Stephanie’s turn, and Jimmy likes that, but not like other people would like that. Jimmy’s special.

It probably goes without saying, but TVLine also reports that Jimmy is going to be attractive and sexually appealing. Because why would Stephanie want to sing about her favorite subject matter with someone that looks like the Toxic Avenger?

While there’s no telling how long Jimmy will actually be around when Fuller House returns, he sounds a little too perfect for the free-spirited Stephanie for me to think he won’t be more of a long term partner for her. Unless she finds out some secrets about him in a Very Special Episode. She already had one of those herself in Season 1, when we all found out post-Coachella that she couldn’t have children. Let’s hope Jimmy doesn’t want to experience fatherhood anytime soon.

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In Season 1, Stephanie got to have a couple of short-lived romances that viewers just knew wouldn’t last. There was Steve Talley’s Darren, who was okay, and then her completely understandable and totally relatable relationship with the San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence, which ended with a spectacle of a break-up. That was also the episode where D.J. kissed Matt on the kiss-cam, which led to her own crisis of conscience about Steve. Jimmy’s appearance better not involve any infidelity between another established couple like Jesse and Becky, because that would be too much. Don’t do it, Jimmy.

Though Season 1 of Fuller House was a critical disaster, its popularity has been undeniable, and it’s unlikely that the show will bow out after only two seasons. It’s unclear when we’ll get our peepers on the sophomore season, but in the meantime, check out everything else hitting Netflix with our premiere schedule, as well as everything else premiering on TV soon with our summer TV calendar.

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