Gotham: Is Fish Mooney Coming Back? Here's What We Know

Someone hit the spoiler signal, for Gotham spoilers are below.

During Season 1 of Gotham, as future Batman rogues were learning the ropes, Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney was one of the big bads making life difficult for Jim Gordon and everyone else in Gotham City’s underworld. She seemed to have been killed off in the finale, although we never really knew what happened to her. Well, she’s been found inside the Indian Hills facility in the Arkham District. Does this mean she’ll be back one day?


It was a totally unexpected moment that, given what was happening at the time, could have easily slipped past viewers‘ eyes. But you just can’t mistake that multi-colored hairdo that Fish was known for rocking. Even when it got switched up after she was initially ousted, she still kept the red going strong. So there’s no denying she still exists in this world in a way that doesn’t involve being bloated at the bottom of a river.

Fish is floating in a tank inside the Arkham District’s Indian Hills facility, where Theo Galavan was brought after taking a bullet from Gordon and an umbrella to the throat from Penguin. (This is also where we saw the still-breathing Bridgit “Firefly” Pike being rolled in earlier this season.) But beyond the fact that this is where the yet-to-be-introduced Hugo Strange is performing tests and experiments, we don’t really know anything about Indian Hills.

What are they collecting corpses and near-dead people for? Is Wong in the business (or habit) of resurrecting the deceased? Or is he at least trying to figure out a way to do that? Obviously if he’d already be doing it, there wouldn’t be all those body-filled tanks in that lab, unless he’s just really backed up. Gotham City does have a ton of death happening on a seemingly daily basis, so maybe he has an embarrassment of pale, gross riches.

In the comic world, Strange is known for creating monsters through the use of serums and genetic engineering, and it’s likely he’ll be doing something equally horrifying on Gotham. But is he creating a race of criminal zombies out of what’s in that lab, or will he possibly Frankenstein some body parts together from different people and jolt those ugly suckers together? However it happens, we likely won’t again see Fish in the way we knew her before, but possibly as some kind of a mindless killer. Lord knows this show doesn’t have enough of those being added on a weekly basis.

With or without Fish Mooney getting feisty in everyone’s faces, Gotham will return to Fox on Monday, February 29.

Nick Venable
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