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Earlier this month, we shared the news that Damon Lindelof was inking a deal with Warner Bros. Television and was looking to return to TV. Since then, we've been left to wonder what the former Lost executive producer and Prometheus screenwriter might tackle. With Prometheus in theaters now and the Star Trek sequel in the works, one might assume he's got outer space on the brain, however it looks like his next small screen endeavor will be set on earth, though there is a supernatural/potentially-biblical element to the story that's very intriguing.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the news, stating that Lindelof is set to develop a small-screen adaptation of Tom Perotta's 2011 novel The Leftovers for HBO. The story is set on earth following a rapture-like event in which millions of people disappeared. People of varying ages, backgrounds and religious affiliations (and atheists too) disappeared in what was later referred to as the "Sudden Departure," leaving the "leftover" people behind to wonder what happened (and likely, why they hadn't made the cut). has a sample of the book available to read for free. It's definitely worth a look, as it gives us a good introduction to the setting of the story, which involves a new kind of religion rising up called the "Guilty Remnant," which involves people taking a vow of silence, wearing all white, and following people around while smoking cigarettes.

The whole idea of a rapture-aftermath story and the "Guilty Remnant" is bizarrely intriguing. THR says Lindelof will co-write the project under his deal with WBTV, along with Perrotta. Given Lindelof's Lost experience, this seems like it's right in his wheelhouse and could be a great addition to HBO's original programming, assuming things work out. There's a sort of twisted Stephen King-vibe to the premise that sounds like it could make for a great story and possibly a great TV show. We'll have to wait and see if HBO decides to move forward with this, but with the original author and Lindelof on board, the situation sounds promising already.

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