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Missy Elliot Will Reportedly Work It With Katy Perry During Super Bowl Halftime Show

If there’s one thing the Super Bowl halftime show does well – beyond spending a year’s worth of dough on 15 minutes worth of show – it’s mixing the classic with the new and popular. (And yes, the word “well” is arguable for some years.) For Super Bowl XLIX, the chart-topping pop star Katy Perry will reportedly be joined on stage by the so addictive rapper and producer Missy Elliott, who will presumably put her thing in, flip it and reverse it.

While the NFL has been keeping mum about any special guests that will be joining Perry – beyond Lenny Kravitz, who was previously announced – a source for the Alternative Press shared the news. Perry herself hinted recently at a press conference that there would be an appearance by an “old school” female musician, and that the opening of the artist’s showcase song will drop jaws and melt faces.

I don’t think I’m stepping too far outside the box here in assuming with the utmost certainty that the song Elliott will come out to will be “Get Ur Freak On,” since it contains one of the most memorable opening bars in all of the 2000s. I can easily see everyone in the University of Phoenix Stadium erupting in cheers when it hits.

Elliott hasn’t been in the spotlight for quite a while now, having put out her last full album The Cookbook back in 2005. Obviously, that doesn’t mean she’d left music behind or anything, as she started working more and more in the studio as a producer. Plus, she’s managed to make guest appearances on a slew of other artists’ songs, including a remix of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” Maybe that song will get some play as well?

Last year’s Super Bowl was the highest-rated telecast ever, and featured Bruno Mars awkwardly rocking out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You might recall the mini-controversy that sprang up afterward about the Chili Peppers not actually playing their instruments. Luckily, Missy Elliott doesn’t need to plug in to bust a move on this grand stage.

There’s almost no excuse for anyone not to watch the Super Bowl this year, as NBC is making the event free to stream online, regardless of whether or not viewers have a cable or satellite package. And it’s the one time you won’t mind having to watch the commercials. (Unless it’s a harsh ad, that is.) Tune in on Sunday, February 1, with kickoff usually coming at some point after 6 p.m. ET.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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