The Most Searched For TV Shows Of 2015, According To Google

2015 is coming to an end, and it’s time for us to look back and reflect on the things that have really mattered over the past year. What have we accomplished? What have we begun? What TV shows have we most frequently typed into Google? Luckily for us as we reflect, Google has compiled a list of the ten shows most searched for of 2015. Some are new, some are old, and some are luckily on Netflix so that we can get ready for another marathon over the holidays. So, get ready for a trip down memory lane and check out our list of the ten most searched for shows of 2015.


10. Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle is the show that we never knew we needed until we saw John Krasinski channeling his inner Justin Timberlake for a “Bye, Bye, Bye” dance number, Anne Hathaway riding a wrecking ball, and Terry Crews popping off his shirt for a rendition of ”A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. A spinoff of sorts from the popular lip sync segment from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the Spike TV series pits celebrities against one another in lip sync-offs that never fail to be epic. Krasinski is a producer, LL Cool J is host, and Spike TV is a place to be. Who could have guessed back in 2014?


9. Quantico

ABC’s Quantico has a premise that is marginally different from plenty of other action/spy series out there, but it has carved a niche in viewership thanks to a solid cast and consistent storytelling. The real boost for Quantico, however, has been in delayed viewings. Quantico has been cleaning up on the DVR circuit, proving that there are enough folks interested to keep the show competitive despite the busy Sunday night time slot. It being a whodunit also helps, as fans head to the Internet to search around for theories and clues.

Scream Queens

8. Scream Queens

Scream Queens was a bizarre dramedy/horror series that ran for 15 episodes, brought to Fox by the man behind Glee and American Horror Story. What really gave Scream Queens the recipe for success, however, did not come from just the mind of Ryan Murphy. The cast was filled with familiar faces to draw in viewers, ranging from Emma Roberts – who has gained enough fame to no longer be known as “Julia Roberts’ niece” – to Lea Michele to original scream queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis. Who wouldn’t be at least morbidly curious? And understandably, search engines were busy all season with people wondering who was behind the Devil mask.


7. Daredevil

Daredevil had a lot going for it from the beginning. The first Marvel venture on Netflix, it would be a superhero series available to binge-watch immediately after release in April and an option to help soothe the ache for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Charlie Cox was so phenomenal as the kinda-sorta-maybe-not-really blind Matt Murdock that some of those early searches had to be from viewers wondering if the actor really is somewhat visually impaired. Later searches definitely came from viewers wondering how long we’d have to wait for a Season 2.


6. Game Of Thrones

There aren’t too many shows still generating enough interest to send viewers dashing to their keyboards in their fifth season, but HBO’s Game of Thrones more than managed. Season 5 delivered some of the biggest plot twists of the series so far that had viewers and readers alike gasping. The cliffhanger of Jon Snow seemingly assassinated at the Wall was downright cruel and no doubt accounts for plenty of those Google searches ever since the finale aired back in June.


5. American Horror Story: Hotel

A show that gets tons of pre-season searches as plot points and returning actors are revealed, the FX anthology series American Horror Story managed to reinvent itself as terrifyingly as ever for its fifth installment in 2015. American Horror Story: Hotel ‘s promotion was as creepy as it was confusing, and the promise of a premise more frightening than ever, combined with a curious cast of big names and revolving actors made it almost impossible not to want more info and even spoilers as soon as possible. At the very least, we needed to know how long Lady Gaga would be sticking around.


4. Empire

Fox has a huge hit on its hands with Empire. Between the soap operatic elements handled just right, the musical performances, and Cookie Lyon’s one-liners, an episode of Empire is almost exhaustingly entertaining. What has undoubtedly elevated it to #4 on Google’s most searched for list is how it has been handled online. Members of the cast are hugely active on social media to keep interest constantly buzzing, and immediate online availability of episodes actually increased live ratings early on.


3. Fear The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead had been one of the most highly-anticipated new series of 2015 ever since the it went into production in 2014. Parent series The Walking Dead was more popular than ever at the end of its fifth season, and Fear was the perfect series to draw in audiences for a quick zombie fix before the sixth season. It’s really no wonder that Fear the Walking Dead was one of the most searched for shows for the year, and next year's Season 2 will likely keep it there.


2. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was an entirely new sort of show that had people talking early on. The first Marvel venture in recent years starring a superpowered woman, Jessica Jones had the success of Daredevil as proof that Netflix comic series could be phenomenal, as well as the built-in Doctor Who audience that came with David Tennant for his terrifying turn as villain Kilgrave. The option to binge-watch was certainly a plus, and the November 20 release date made Jessica Jones a Marvel fix for folks jonesing for more superhero action after the thrill of Avengers: Age of Ultron wore off.


1. Better Call Saul

Honestly, considering the awesomeness of Breaking Bad's final season and finale, it’s almost surprising that show itself isn’t still on lists of most searched series. Since Better Call Saul is an awesome spinoff of Breaking Bad featuring one of its most awesome characters, however, it’s no surprise at all that it was the most searched show of 2015. With a killer first season and a second season set to premiere in February 2016, Better Call Saul may well end up on the top of this list again next year.

For a list of shows to start your searches off right in 2016, check out our midseason premiere schedule! And head to the next page to tell us which of these shows you think you searched for the most.

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